2022 Book List

Last year when I fell in love with reading novels, I was trying to keep up with the seasons: reading books that go with the seasonal vibes. Of course, as a parent and sometimes unmotivated person, it became challenging to complete my lists within the seasonal time frame. I’m not beating myself up for it, it isn’t like a death sentence or anything, but I figured this year I will make my list and give myself the year to finish.

I don’t really keep up with upcoming releases, though I did stumble on a few that seem intriguing. My list is compiled from a few sources including pinterest, thriftbooks recommendations, and from some people I follow on Instagram. I will also be including the ones I haven’t gotten to yet from last year’s list. My goal is to finish 12 books. My list, however, has somewhere around 20 on it. It will be interesting to see where I am 6 months from now with that list.

My 2022 book list

Releases March 15, 2022
Releases January 18, 2022

Let me know what’s on your list this year!

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