2023 Book List

It’s a new year and time to make another book list! Last year I had made my 2022 Book List with a goal of reading 12 books over the course of the year. Well, breaking news… that didn’t happen! Not a big deal, but that just means some of the books are being carried over to this year. My goal is still to read one book a month.

Now, I did try to put in the effort and read 5 full books which I really enjoyed! I also attempted to read 4 others, which did not hold my interest. Then by the end of October I had one waiting for me in the car (where I do most of my reading waiting at the school pickup line) and never got around to actually reading it because I was crocheting a lot of gifts for Christmas.

So what books didn’t keep me enthralled?

One. Liar Temptress Soldier Spy by Karen Abott

At first, I was pretty interested, but it started to jump around from person to person. My adhd couldn’t keep up and I wound up giving it up.

Two. Dark Witch by Nora Roberts.

I read about a third of this one and it was okay. By time I got to where I did, I was a little bored and wondering when is this going to get juicy!? Maybe I will revisit it again someday.

Three. Everybody Always by Bob Goff.

Okay, I really should have researched this more because I was anticipating something entirely different. This entire book is religious based and while that is okay for some, it was not my cup of tea.

Four. The Betrayal of Anne Frank by Rosemary Sullivan.

I have always had a strong pull towards holocaust stories., ever since middle school when we read the Anne Frank book and had a holocaust survivor visit our class. I was expecting this to be more story line based, but it actually is a compilation of things that sort of meander around the story itself. I think for me personally, I need books that are more simple. I felt like I was reading a giant police report. I may revisit this one again sometime in the future.

As for the books that I actually finished [some were not on my 2022 list].

I could not put this one down! Highly recommend!!
Very intriguing and easy read.
I really liked this one!
Definitely recommend to struggling souls.
This one was alright. Not my most favorite book I have ever read, but definitely interesting!

And then of course we can’t have a post titled 2023 Book List, without actually making said list. So! Here are the 12 books I am wanting to get to this year!

My 6 year old decided on the order for each month. Then whatever I had left will be my backup pile just incase.













I put all the books in the order that she gave them to me in, standing upright, on my shelf. The ones on the sides are my back ups.

I told myself I can’t buy more until I finish my goal, though Pinterest has been tempting me immensely! Literally every book I have seen by Kate Alice Marshall has me completely interested! Until then, I will add them to my book list for safe keeping.

What is on your book list this year?

📖 jenn


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