Reflecting On Last Year’s Bucket List

I was going through my past blogs, I do that sometimes, and stumbled on my 2020 bucket list. I thought it would be fun to go through it again and see what was accomplished and what wasn't. I had 22 items on my list, let's see here... 1. My main item for 2020 was to... Continue Reading →

Blogmas 2020: Day 4

Ho ho ho and a bottle of....rum? Maybe wine? I don't drink alcohol, but it sounds funny when you sing it. Any-who.. Every year for Christmas, the first day of our advent we write letters to Santa. I like to do this early on because then I will know what the kids are thinking. I... Continue Reading →

Blogmas 2020: Day 3

Speaking of YouTube (on my last post), do you ever find yourself watching random videos? Lately I have been finding myself watching before and after cleaning videos. More specifically, dog grooming, rug cleaning, and car detailing. I have no shame in it, haha! Anyways, these videos have really been inspiring my "wish list" this year.... Continue Reading →

Summer Vibes

Summer use to be the relaxing season out of all 4 of the seasons. As a kid that's because you don't have to go to school during the Summer, or at least most of it. However, as a parent, Summer has become less relaxing than I once remember. Life just seems to speed up in... Continue Reading →

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