My name is Jennifer, but I prefer to go by Jenn. I am a 20-something year old stay at home mother, wife, and full time student. I have been married to my husband Chris since 2012 and we have been together since  2010. Together we have a young son whom I refer to as Pickle and an infant daughter whom I will refer to as Poppy. We have one crazy spastic dog named Kona that loves vacuums and water hoses. He is a beagle husky mix. We have two cats that are siblings. Our male cat, is all black, named Synyster (Syny for short) and our female cat, is grey with black stripes, named Graysie.

I have been writing since I was in middle school. I use it as a way to express myself and the random thoughts that I have. I come from a dysfunctional family, but who doesn’t? A lot of the things I use to write were about the dysfunction going on and my perception on my life growing up. As a parent, wife, and student it can be challenging to find time for myself. Sometimes my thoughts get the better of me and start to make me feel a little insane. Thus, my blog was born, to try and reclaim my sanity one blog post at a time.

In my blog I write about a multitude of things from thoughts, society, parenting, and anything else that trips my trigger. I am a very straight forward person who loves paying attention to minor details. Some may call me a feminist although I am not out protesting my beliefs onto people. I believe we are all unique, yet we are all human and deserve respect.

Feel free to express yourself on the topics that I post. I am always open to discussions that are civil. I hope you continue to stick around.




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