December 2021 Recap

It is that time again! Another month to recap!

We had somewhat of a date night at the beginning of the month, Harrison did tag along in his skeleton costume of all things. We did a few errands and then ended up going to Genji Japanese Steakhouse [I even got the birthday Banzai celebration]. It was such a fun experience! I only wish my tastebuds were working properly again to have fully enjoyed the flavors of everything, but it was a good time!

I got a bunch of my to do list items done as soon as I could. This included getting Isla’s birthday invitations and party booked, party favors made, getting Christmas card pictures taken and cards printed and mailed, and getting all the gifts purchased and wrapped. We got all of our Christmas cards for the Christmas card exchange sent out [85] and made a mural of all the ones we received in our livingroom. The furthest one we received was from New Zealand!

Wylan started playing basketball. He has been enjoying practice twice a week and every Saturday he has a game. It has been fun watching him be on a team and enjoying the game. He has been very committed to it.

We did a few minor fixes to our vehicle. We had to replace the whole driver tail light and the lights in the dash. I was surprised how easy it all actually was! I cannot explain my excitement over being able to see the speedometer at night now. It’s the little things, hah!

We also did do some house rearranging again, imagine that! We decided on moving our living room furniture to the den for a cozy atmosphere. We then turned the front living room into a sort of play room/family room by bringing all the toys and gaming stuff up from the basement. Which wound up ironically preparing us for my brother to move in with us. The kids have loved having him here!

Of course there was all of the Christmas happenings this month. Since I did *most* of the daily blogmas posts, I won’t repeat that stuff here. The kids are definitely spoiled to say the least. I was pretty spoiled too! Chris got me a chunky knit blanket, a new winter coat, a hoodie, snow boots, pajama pants, and a gift certificate for a tattoo! My stocking did have a few things as well [that I may or may not have put in there] like scrunchies, chapstick, and a pumice stone. We did get all of the Christmas decorations taken down and back into storage on the 26th.

I had my consultation with the tattoo artist and set up my appointment to get them! After the consultation appointment we tried out a new pizza place down the street from us. From what little bit I can taste, it was good.

I started to read my book [The Redhead of Auschwitz] and started sketching in my new sketchbook. The book is really good so far! I highly recommend! My sketches, well, they could use some classes, haha. I started doing this sketch challenge I found to give me some much needed practice on different genres of drawing. I really want to get better at drawing living things.

I was using pictures to draw my self portraits [first challenge]. Not too shabby.

Tonight is New Year’s eve and we are expecting a good amount of snow. We have heard anywhere from 4 to 16 inches. If it’s not too bad we are going to take the kids and hang out at my sister’s house.

The month, like all the ones before it, just vanished before us I swear. I am not even sure where I was for the majority of it, haha.

As for the New Year, of course I have some things I am looking forward to and accomplishing. Here is my little list…

  • Get into a skincare routine
  • Start going to the gym again
  • Work on my art skills
  • Figure out how to bring my business idea to fruition
  • Travel to new places
  • Read 10 books [open to suggestions!]
  • 10 year wedding anniversary 🤵🏻👰🏻‍♀️

And that is a wrap! Happy New Year wherever you are! May the new year bring good food, joy, good health, and gratitude for you all!

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