31 Days of Halloween: Day 17

One, two, skip a few…

I can’t believe this month is halfway over already! Fall is finally hanging around here in Nebraska. The leaves are taking over the yard in pretty red, yellow, and green tones. It is roughly 53 degrees and I am loving it!

Part of the Fall season that gets me excited is the urge to bake. I really don’t know what it is specifically about Fall that does it, but alas here I am. Last week the urge to bake started hitting me. I wound up making some simple peanut butter cookies, but thought to myself “I want something more halloween-y”. Every year since having kids I have decorated cookies. This year, I just was not feeling it. So, I decided to make some monster cookies.

One of my greatest weaknesses is cookie dough.

I can never resist the urge to snag a bite!

The cookies themselves turned out pretty good. Even my step dad said they were “pretty f–king good”. He can be hard to please at times, so I will accept the compliment!

The recipe wasn’t my own, I found it on Pinterest. You can just look up monster Halloween cookies. They were super easy to make!

Not only do I feel like baking, but I also want to scrub everything in the house. It is a bit difficult when I am contantly being needed, but I figure it wll get done when it gets done. Slowly but surely. I managed to get the bathrooms done yesterday. I need to get the bedrooms next. We have been so busy lately that things get neglected. Time for a refresh, the Fall always makes me feel like starting over again. It is rejuvenating.


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