30 Day Minimalism Challenge: day twenty eight

Day 28. CLEAN OUT YOUR MAKEUP COLLECTION. I don't wear a lot of makeup anymore. But, I have accumulated plenty of makeup over the years. I actually recently went through most of the makeup I had and gave some to Monkey to play with. As a teenager and in my early 20s, makeup was a... Continue Reading →

30 Day Minimalism Challenge: day twenty

Day 20! REEVALUATE YOUR TO-DO LIST. I am starting to wonder if my to-do list is insanely loaded because I am at home looking at things all day long. I almost always have a to-do list whether on my phone, on paper, or just mental notes. It never seems to be able to be finished... Continue Reading →

Snow Day

This past Friday the weather people were predicting us to get some pretty heavy snow. The schools wound up calling out a day early and I had made plans for work since Chris would be doing snow removal. Friday came and the snow never followed. I had to work the rest of the weekend and... Continue Reading →

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