30 Day Minimalism Challenge: day eleven

Day 11. MEDITATE ON YOUR DAY. Today was definitely one for the books. Though I was very tired this morning, I found myself browsing Poshmark while laying in bed trying to muster the energy to get up. All of a sudden my phone rings and it's my younger brother. He needed me to get him... Continue Reading →

Blogmas 2019: day fourteen

Activities. Activities. ACTIVITIES! I can't speak for other cities or families, but it seems like this season brings a lot more activities! I could probably compile an endless list of things that occur during the holiday season, but instead of doing that, I will stick with the ones we typically do! Family Gatherings Outside of... Continue Reading →

Update on Bug

Life certainly has been on full speed since I landed in the hospital back in March awaiting the birth of our 3rd child. For those that haven't read them yet, check out In The Hospital and Bug's birth story to understand more. In short, he was born at 33 weeks and 5 days and spent... Continue Reading →

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