My 2020 Bucket List

With all the uncertainty going on right now, there is a lot of negativity surrounding everything. I for one am refusing to let 2020 be remembered as the year of jumanji and all things horrible.

I had started this year with a relatively small bucket list, but as Summer quickly approached I began adding more things to it. The year is already half way over [crazy, right!?] and I haven’t accomplished everything on my list. I figured if I physically write this out it will give myself some accountability. Plus, maybe it will give others some ideas, too.

1. My main item for 2020 was to see a real life waterfall. We do have a trip booked to make that happen!

2. Figure out a name for my new “business” idea.

3. Redecorate the kid’s bedrooms.

4. Have an epic Halloween costume. I do have some ideas, but trying to make up my mind.

5. Figure out what the heck to get the kids for Christmas this year.

6. Lose at least 60 pounds [I have 35 to go].

7. Monthly date nights.

8. Paint more and sew more.

9. Take the family stargazing.

10. Replace ugly light fixtures in the house.

11. Tear up the front lawn.

12. Build a deck and privacy fence.

13. Get my horse painting framed.

14. Get new pots and pans.

15. Have a backyard dinner party.

16. Go day exploring.

17. Have a weekend getaway for just Chris and I.

18. Dance in the rain.

19. Eat vegetables from our garden.

20. Make no plans and stay home for a full weekend once a month.

21. Write more.

22. Take more pictures and videos.

I feel like 22 is a good number of items. It is my favorite number after all. Hopefully I can accomplish most of these items or at least start them. I feel like this year is just flying by. I keep thinking how I cannot wait for Fall and The Pumpkin Patch. I think that is because it is more of a relaxing season for me. Granted I don’t want time to slip by faster than it already is.

What do you want to accomplish before the year is over? Let me know!


31 Days of Halloween: Day 17

One, two, skip a few…

I can’t believe this month is halfway over already! Fall is finally hanging around here in Nebraska. The leaves are taking over the yard in pretty red, yellow, and green tones. It is roughly 53 degrees and I am loving it!

Part of the Fall season that gets me excited is the urge to bake. I really don’t know what it is specifically about Fall that does it, but alas here I am. Last week the urge to bake started hitting me. I wound up making some simple peanut butter cookies, but thought to myself “I want something more halloween-y”. Every year since having kids I have decorated cookies. This year, I just was not feeling it. So, I decided to make some monster cookies.

One of my greatest weaknesses is cookie dough.

I can never resist the urge to snag a bite!

The cookies themselves turned out pretty good. Even my step dad said they were “pretty f–king good”. He can be hard to please at times, so I will accept the compliment!

The recipe wasn’t my own, I found it on Pinterest. You can just look up monster Halloween cookies. They were super easy to make!

Not only do I feel like baking, but I also want to scrub everything in the house. It is a bit difficult when I am contantly being needed, but I figure it wll get done when it gets done. Slowly but surely. I managed to get the bathrooms done yesterday. I need to get the bedrooms next. We have been so busy lately that things get neglected. Time for a refresh, the Fall always makes me feel like starting over again. It is rejuvenating.


31 Days of Halloween: Days 9 & 10

What a busy few days it has been! The weather had been holding up nicely until this morning. We had thunderstorms this morning as I took Pickle to school. When I came back home the 2 younger kids and I took a nap. When we woke up, it didn’t take long to realize the power is out.

2 year olds don’t understand what that means. “Mommy, I want to watch videos!” “Mommy, I want to watch tv downstairs!” “Mommy, I want to watch Bubble Guppies!” After explaining every time that we don’t have power to be able to have any of that technology right now, she still insists on watching something.

Since the lights are out and it’s still pretty cloudy outside, I opened the curtains to let the light in. I finally got my first glimpse of seeing the leaves change colors.

So pretty. I kept wondering for a couple weeks now when things would start changing. Well, here it is.

I also figured I would snap a picture of our livingroom window. I used an exacto knife and created the witch and the victim. The rest is from last year’s dollar tree haul. Oh, and Pickle’s artwork from school is on there too.

Monkey and I are playing shadow puppets and eating peanut butter sandwiches. She also has been cooking up a storm in her play kitchen.

What do you do during a power outage to keep occupied?


31 Days Of Halloween: Day 8

Another glorious day! “Makes me sick!” Haha, just kidding, but can you name that movie (no googling you cheater!). Today’s weather was so amazing! We had planned to go to the Pumpkin Patch again this weekend, but Chris said we should probably go while the weather is nice. Which meant today since tomorrow is busy for us.

A guy that Chris works with was telling him about this pumpkin patch that let’s you fill a cart of pumpkins and pay only $10 for whatever you can fit in the cart. We thought, “that is a heck of a deal!” Pumpkins, at least decent sized ones, go for at least $6 each. We decided on a whim this afternoon that we would go there and get some. Luckily though, my husband went on their Facebook page and found out they actually ran out of pumpkins yesterday. Sad day!

Oh well, life goes on. So, what else was there to do than to go on another trip to Vala’s Pumpkin Patch. There was still some things we had not done yet this season, but most importantly I wanted to get some pictures for Bug’s 6 month birthday coming up. I did manage to get some really cute ones, but I won’t spoil that just yet. Instead here are some pictures of all the kiddos having a jolly-good time!

Pickle said his favorite thing today was the hayrack ride. Monkey said her favorite part today was seeing the bunnies. Bug told me his favorite thing was having a nasty blowout and needing a wardrobe change 😂.

Where do you get your pumpkins?


31 Days Of Halloween: Day 6

Fall…Halloween…You can’t have one without the other. So far the season has been a tad wet and muddy, but also cooling down from those sticky summer days. Monkey, in particular, loves the weather we have been having. As soon as she sees rain, she’s putting her rain boots on and demanding to jump in muddy puddles (thanks Peppa Pig). I can’t blame her though, splashing is a fun passtime.

Today, however, is basically a “top 10 day” here in Nebraska. 70 degrees and clear skies. Perfect weather for yardwork, sidewalk chalk, bike riding, and jumping on the trampoline! I have a feeling these perfect days aren’t going to last too long. There is already talk about some impending snow in the next week or so. It isn’t uncommon for snow in October here, but in the midst of trying to slow down I want this top 10 day type weather to last. Alas though, I know my rebirth is coming (I am a snow baby) and I am preparing for that as well.

Bring on the sweaters, hoodies, and beanies!


hello September.

For some reason I tend to start the seasons earlier than their technical dates. Why? I don’t know, probably because I like change? 🤷‍♀️

I don’t know when or why I started to, but I associate back to school season with Fall. It makes me want to bust out my leafy decor and scarecrows. However since I have been in the “let’s slow down” mode, I decided not to give in to temptation last month.

But NOW it is September, which means there is less than 30 days to the official first day of Fall. Which also means my leaves and scarecrows are up! Well, most of it (haven’t done much for inside yet). The weather is still pretty hot here in Nebraska, but that will change soon enough. Regardless of the heat, my soul feels like Fall is here. I want to dress for Fall. I want to just sit and admire all the Fall colors out of our windows. I want to lay around and watch movies with the windows open for some fresh breeze.

Speaking of movies, I was on pinterest the other day and browsing all things Fall related. I stumbled upon this picture for a Fall movie marathon.

My first glance was “hey I love like all of these movies!” So I decided to go ahead and save the list and start watching the movies to see if I could watch them all by time Fall is over (which for me would be Thanksgiving haha). Plus, there are some movies I have not seen, so that should be fun. If you want to, save the picture and follow along with me as I cross them off the list. Here is where I am as of today.

Of course you can’t have movies without snacks. I have been trying to stick with keto snacks, but (TMI lady alert) I got my first visit from the ever so fun “Aunt Flow” since after Bug was born. SO, my appetite has not been wanting KETO stuff. I definitely indulged in some chocolate last night (I was out of the sugar free kind). Oh well, life goes on. I also have moon cheese and pork rinds with dip. I can’t eat the rinds without the dip; the flavor is 🤢.

[If you are doing keto, let me know what your favorite movie snack is. Ps, ladies, let me know how you handle Aunt Flow’s requests when she is in town demanding all the crap!]

Anyways, I have been wanting pumpkin spice stuff and cinnamon flavored things. I did make pumpkin pancakes a couple weeks ago. We ate some of them and froze the rest for quick breakfasts before school. I think my next go to will be flavored lattes. We will see.

Do you get in the Fall mood early? Will you join me in the Fall movie marathon!? If you do, drop me your email on my contact page so I can send live movie updates to you!

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Hello Autumn

…and just like that, seemingly over night, the fresh Autumn crisp air is here. Breathing it in is rejuvenating. Much like a snake sheds its skin, Fall always feels like a fresh start for me. It is a time of reflection, change, forgiveness, goal setting, and rebirth.

I, much like most people, look forward to Fall all year round. In fact, if it was healthy for the Earth I would love to have just 2 seasons. A 7 month Fall and a 5 month Winter; that would be my Wonderland (in a world of my own). Though, I am not sure if there has always been this Fall hype or if there is some kind of law that you must love and be excited about Fall. It just seems like there is no one person alive that does not get not excited about it. Anyway..

I am excited for Summer to leave. I love to have the windows open, letting in fresh air. I am excited to use our REAL fireplace this year; cozying up watching movies or playing a board game. Just the other day, a coworker and I were discussing a perfect Fall night. We decided it would be; lounging at home with the windows open (in the 50s outside), vanilla pumpkin candles filling the air, eating a bowl of chili, and watching Beetlejuice.

Isn’t it funny how the season makes you want different things? No one wants to eat hot soup and chili on a 110 degree summer day! Then of course, pumpkin spice everything.

I have had the baking itch, but have really been trying hard not to give in every single time. Getting through the last 4 months of the year could be difficult on the scale. Hopefully it doesn’t start to go up (I have gained back about 9 pounds and do not want it to go further). Balance. Everything in life is about balance.

Every season I like to make a bucket list. We do our best to actually accomplish the things on the list. Of course, some we feel are more important than the others. This year I decided to separate Fall and Halloween into 2 bucket lists. I had Pickle get in on it, with letting me know what is on his mind. Here is the list we came up with this year.

Number 1 is already done. Number 10 is pretty much planned. We still have a few more things to get for costumes and decor. Since I separated it into two lists I figured actually doing those 2 things will go on the next one.

What is your favorite part about this time of the year?


Yard Update & Fall Yard Decor

The first thing we noticed when we first saw our house, was the horrendous front yard. The landscaping was completely overgrown and taking over the entire yard. I am not going to lie it was an instant turn off for us.

Long story short though, we did buy the house knowing we would be in for a lot of manual labor. (I personally enjoy doing yard work. I do find it difficult sometimes with my anxieties and also spending a lot of time trying to keep the kids from danger: like running into the street.)

Here is what the yard looked like before.

It was a hot mess of a jungle. The first thing we did was mow. Chris literally mowed over everything that didn’t have branches. We finally were able to see the yard. We then decided we needed to cut down the tree and large shrubs because they were blocking the street view when backing out of the driveway.

Once that was done, we tore out the falling apart retaining wall. We had a pallet of landscaping bricks delivered from Lowes. I am not going to lie, we procrastinated this project over the course of 3 weeks or so. Alas, we finally got it done!

I had seen a picture on Pinterest (go figure..) and it gave me an idea for the yard for Fall. I am a lover of Fall; all things pumpkin spice, breezy, sweaters, scenery, orange, red, yellow, and of course pumpkins! I knew what I had left from our decorations last year and decided to go with that again. I also wanted to plant mums in the newly redone flower beds. That is what we worked on today after I got off work.

Of course, ignore the stepping stones and tools leaning on the wall. I intend to buy a bunch of real pumpkins to go in the bottom flower bed where the rocks are. I think it will be festive for Fall and then I will have plenty to carve for Halloween!

I did wind up buying some solar lights off amazon, that way you can still see everything at night time.

I think it turned out awesome!

Also, about a week ago or so, I made the wreath that is on our front door. It was so easy to make and super cheap! Literally $12 and a hot glue gun. So simple!

I think I am going to add some lights to the leaf garland on the railings. Other than that I love it! It is a good feeling to remember where the yard started to where we have gotten it in 3 months time. Though it still has a long way to go. It is getting there!

Stay tuned for the next house update (hopefully soon)!