Valentine’s Day

I had every intention of boycotting today’s hallmark gimmick holiday. Not because I am bitter or anything of that sense, but why do we need a day to remind us to tell people that we love and care about them?

I heard on the radio the other day, that on average, a person spends $160 on Valentine’s day. $160, what!? That seems excessive to me. I am all for showing those we love and care for that we do indeed love and care about them, but not because a holiday tells me to do it. I personally think Valentine’s is overrated.

Anyways, so this morning I get up as usual; wake up the kids and go downstairs to the kitchen. Before entering the kitchen I see some cute hand made things on the table. The kids each made me a flower and my husband made me a card. I won’t lie, I teared up. I am a sucker for sentimental things.

So then, of course, I felt bad that I didn’t make or get anything for anyone. I didn’t want to seem like a copycat by making another home made card for my husband. I decided to go ahead and stop at the store, after getting Pickle from school, to see if anything seemed sufficient.

We wound up settling on trail mix, a silly card, and a 2 for $5 special on energy drinks. I figured, he is always buying these nasty energy drinks that are not good for the body, but if he likes them then I guess I can oblige this time.

I did also make this soup that he requested for dinner. I did try to throw him off by making him think I was too lazy to make it today; that way it was more of a surprise. I guess he smelled it as soon as he walked in the house though.

We ate our soup together and then I had to go to work.

Maybe I will get to boycott next year ha-ha!


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