More Snow

This has definitely been one white Winter! I have always loved the snow, so I am certainly not complaining. During the Winter months I sort of stop obsessing over the weather because it is highly unlikely that we experience a tornado during the Winter.

After our busy day and night Saturday, we went to bed as normal. I woke up to my husband’s phone ringing early in the morning. It was still dark out so I thought maybe it was some sort of emergency. I woke him up and told him his phone was ringing. Thankfully it was not an emergency, but we did learn that it was snowing pretty good. I think we got about 3 inches that day (though that is just my guesstimate).

I keep hearing a mix of “I hate snow come on out Spring” and “I want more snow! I want my door covered to the top!” Mother nature cannot satisfy everyone.

Anyway, I had overheard that we were expecting more snow this week. I think we are in the 2 to 5 inch range for our area. I woke up from a nap with Monkey to see that it was coming down pretty hard. You can’t see it coming down in the picture, but the accumulation on the trampoline cracks me up.

Being pregnant, I don’t get to experience the fun of playing in the snow like I would if I wasn’t (sledding and having actual energy to play). The whole family has been battling congestion and colds seemingly all Winter long. Pickle does get to go to school which gets him out of the house so he doesn’t seem to feel as housebound as Monkey. Of course we have plenty of toys and activities, but nothing new to keep her excited.

Today we put together her first lego set that we bought last night. It was a little Rapunzel set.

She is obsessed with little legos. We have bought her lego duplos, but she would much rather sneak into her big brother’s room and play with all of his little ones. I figured maybe if she has her own little set she will stay out of his stuff more. Today I figured it was a perfect day to build the legos since it is snowing. She loved it and is still playing with them, under the kitchen table of all places. I just have been trying to keep her mind active and off of YouTube.

The last I heard we are expecting more snow tomorrow and maybe later in the week. I am going to attempt to organize the playroom and do some other cleaning around the house. There is something about the calming of the snow, mixed with some tunes, and cleaning supplies that makes me happy. Am I the only weirdo like that?

Hopefully the roads aren’t too bad to get Pickle from school. Luckily Chris will be off in time to get him so I don’t have to take Monkey out. Plus, I don’t like driving in the snow when it hasn’t been plowed yet. The van doesn’t handle it very well.

How much snow have you gotten in your area? Do you want to be barricaded in your house from 10 feet of snow? Let me know in the comments!


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