Memorial Day

Today is not about BBQ's and getting intoxicated. Today is not about pools opening for the season. Today is not about what special deal you can get at the car dealership, store, or anywhere else. Today is not about carnivals and fireworks. Today is not just an extra day off from school or work. Today... Continue Reading →


Valentine’s Day

I had every intention of boycotting today's hallmark gimmick holiday. Not because I am bitter or anything of that sense, but why do we need a day to remind us to tell people that we love and care about them? I heard on the radio the other day, that on average, a person spends $160... Continue Reading →

Happy New Year!!

I just want to wish everyone a happy new year (we still have about 6 and half hours left). May your 2019 be full of happiness, love, and self discovery. Have a safe and fun New Year's eve if you're participating in festivities! I will see you all in the new year!! Jenn

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