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Category: Holidays

Happy New Year!!

I just want to wish everyone a happy new year (we still have about 6 and half hours left). May your 2019 be full of happiness, love, and self discovery. […]

The Costume That Once Was

If you read my Halloween Bucket List post, you would have seen the costume I made for Poppy. Her costume was Glinda from Wicked and I, of course, dressed as […]

Weekend Festivities

Over this past weekend we knocked off a few things off of our Halloween Bucket List. On Friday, we went to my sister’s house for a family night. My practically […]

Easter (Non-religious)

I know Easter for many is the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. As I have mentioned before in this post and in this post, I am not a […]

And a Happy New Year!

We (me, Chris, and the kids) are ringing in the new year at my mom’s place (with her, my step dad, and my nephew). Upholding our tradition of watching Anderson […]

Tis The Season

Here in Nebraska we only have so much time left before it’s too frigid to be outside.  Last week, I was feeling a little bit down and decided to bring […]

Happy Halloween! (100 follows!)

Happy Halloween to you all!  Tonight we are taking the kids to my Uncle’s neighborhood for trick r treating.  I hear the weather is suppose to be nearly freezing, but […]

“Safe” Trick R Treating

The other day I posted about society and whether or not it has always been this scary. One of the things I have seen change in my life time, of 27 years, […]

Halloween Tradition (Carving Pumpkins)

Ever since I can remember, Halloween has been a time of excitement. Halloween is a time where being scared is considered fun and thrilling.  As a kid, it was about filling our […]

Halloween No Churn Ice Cream

Awhile back Pickle and I tried making some homemade ice cream recipes. We tried this birthday cake one and this cookie monster ice cream. I personally like the cookie monster one the best […]

Non-religious Christmas

I know people will say it’s early, but Christmas is quickly approaching. Yes I understand Christmas is different for everyone. I call it Christmas because that is what my family […]

Indoor Halloween Decor

It’s raining, it’s pouring. This has been quite the wet Fall thus far. This morning, I was awakened by the sounds of my 4 year old opening the fridge. I […]

Halloween Movies (Toddler Approved)

One of the things on our Fall Bucket List is watching Halloween movies. Most of these deemed as Halloween movies, we watch all year long.  This list I put together I would […]