New Baby Worries (3rd child)

Anytime a person is pregnant, or expecting a baby, there are always worries that come up. Beings that we are expecting our 3rd child, I can attest that the worries are still very present. Some of the worries are similar for each child, but circumstances change and new worries can come up.

One of the biggest worries any parent will have when expecting a new baby is finances. My thoughts are we will always do what we have to to make things work. We strive to do our best for the sake of our family. Recently I have been considering putting our 2nd child in daycare so that I can work more hours during the day until the baby is born to give us a better cushion. It turns out that daycare costs $195 a week for a 2 year old. When I figured the amount of money I may make if I worked more, to then deduct daycare, it did not leave me left with much more than I am making now. It makes me feel guilty that I cannot find the means to contribute more to the finances to get where we want to be faster. Some of the little side jobs I had are starting to slow down now so I am trying to find ways to pick up the momentum again. [Dave Ramsey has me all fired up on his baby step plan.] Not only are finances on my mind now, but what about after baby comes and I am not bringing in any money for at least 6 weeks? Luckily we have a plan in place for that, but I still can’t help but feel guilty about it.

One of my biggest worries is going back to work after baby is born. I have never been a working mother with a newborn. How and when will I sleep when I will have a newborn, a 2 year old, and 6 year old to keep alive all day, working my evening shift, and then coming home and being up whenever the baby is up? Will I be an overly aggressive zombie? Will it set me up to be more prone to post partum depression? I don’t want to be that cranky mother who can’t even play with the kids or keep the house clean because of not being able to sleep. Ontop of that, I have never had to deal with pumping breastmilk while working. I wonder how that will go and if it will be too much to handle.

When we had our 2nd child of course I was worried about how our first would adjust. Thankfully he was old enough to understand for the most part. He was always very excited about the new baby. Now we are expecting our 3rd and I wonder how both of the kids will adjust. I think our oldest will adjust fine, but our 2 year old doesn’t quite understand that there is an actual person inside of me that is about to completely change her world. I know trying to balance attention between each child can be challenging, especially with a newborn. I worry I won’t be able to give them enough. Perhaps I overthink things with having too much knowledge in psychology, but I wonder if any of this will affect them negatively for the long term.

Don’t get me wrong, we are very excited for this new baby coming, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t worries. I think it just comes with the parenting territory. I know we will be fine once we figure out our new normal. I just hope it is as painless as possible of an adjustment, especially for the kids.


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