Snow Day

This past Friday the weather people were predicting us to get some pretty heavy snow. The schools wound up calling out a day early and I had made plans for work since Chris would be doing snow removal. Friday came and the snow never followed.

I had to work the rest of the weekend and Monday was Martin Luther King Jr. Day, so there was no school. The weather was predicting that we would get snow today, but the forecast kept changing by the hour. I went to bed as usual (Monday night) with my alarm set to take Pickle to school in the morning. Surprisingly I was asleep before midnight and woke up when Chris was getting ready to leave for work around 415am. I went back to sleep and woke up to my alarm at 720am. The first thing I usually do is check my phone and clear all the notifications. However I had received 4 notifications that school was closed again today because of the impending snow. There still was nothing coming down.

I went back to sleep hoping the kids would not be waking up for at least 30 minutes (pregos need their sleep!). Within 5 minutes Pickle comes in saying he got enough sleep and wanted to be awake. He asked me to put a movie on in my room so he could lay in my bed with me. I was happy to do so as I don’t get as much one on one time with him anymore and because then I could go back to sleep.

Around 945am, I woke up. Still no snow yet. I wondered if it would be another fluke so I kept checking the weather radar. Monkey woke up and Pickle decided to get them both some breakfast. I got up, came downstairs and went through my usual motions. Feed the kids (they did on their own today), feed the dog, feed the cats, let the dog out, let the dog in, and take my prenatal. I finished loading the dishwasher from the night before. Then I decided to make some smoothies (blueberry, strawberry, pineapple, greek yogurt).

I got a phone call that my chiropractor appointment was moved to tomorrow because of the weather that we still haven’t received. Then I decided, well, since we aren’t planning to go anywhere today, I may as well finally wash the kids coats and carseats. I grabbed their coats from the closet and threw them down the stairs. I went out to the garage and stripped the covers off both of their seats. Of course it could not be that easy as the kids manage to get crumbs and things under the covers so I had to grab the shop vacuum and clean that out as well. I did the laundry and another load of dishes. It felt productive to me as I usually have very minimal energy with this pregnancy.

We were eating lunch and I peered out the window to see the snow finally started coming down. Yay!

Snow days can be a great time to get those things done that you have been putting off around the house. I have this list of things to get done before the baby comes, but it has been a slow effort at best. I also managed to get a little nap in after Chris got home and now I am contemplating what to make for dinner.

I am just glad the snow day lined up with my energy today to get some stuff done.

What do you do on a snow day?


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