Halfway Cooked


I am officially, or I should say, this little nugget is halfway cooked. We have hit the 20 week mark this last week. Things have gotten much better since my last post. I no longer have many aversions and very seldom feel like barfing. The worst of it right now is just the exhaustion, but I will take it. I have been feeling a lot more movements lately, so that is very reassuring for me. We had our anatomy scan today and everything is just perfect!

Now for some of the fun stuff.

Ever since getting pregnant this time, Pickle has been saying some pretty funny things. He also had been coming up with some pretty interesting names. I figured I would share those with you guys to give you a little chuckle.

I drink a lot of water everyday. Apparently being pregnant there are some things you should not be doing in a 5 year old’s mind. I went to get some ice from the ice maker and Pickle says, “you can’t have ice because it will freeze the baby”. I proceeded to get ice and he looks at me with an attitude and says, “DID YOU JUST GET ICE!?” uuhhhhhh maaaayyybe?

After first finding out we were pregnant, I was in the bathroom when Pickle walks in on me and says “don’t poop out the baby!” I could not help but laugh. I did inform him that it doesn’t work that way.

As for naming the baby, Pickle was set from the beginning that we were having a boy. Here are some of the names he came up with:





Of course he would also name super heroes as well; Bruce Wayne, Thor, Hulk, Batman, Robin

and then he would come home nearly everyday telling me “Mommy I know a good name for the baby” and he would name a person’s name from his class (even the girl names). He would say, “isn’t that a good name?” I would tell him that is a nice name, but it just didn’t feel like the right one. Then I would say, isn’t that someone in your class? He would smile and say “yeah, but it is a good name!”

Then, we thought we had a name we really liked, which he wound up liking too and he was certain we should use that name. I wound up deciding the name didn’t seem right, though he still thinks it is and will say he doesn’t like any other name ideas I say.

I love being able to share these things with him. I like having my kids be a part of family decisions (obviously there are boundaries for that) like these ones because it does affect all of us adding another member to the family. It should be special for all of us. At least that is what I think.

How many kids do you have? If you have more than one did you include them in your pregnancy and name choosing for their siblings? Let me know in the comments!


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