Blogmas Day 22

So it’s almost Christmas eve and the anticipation is keeping the kids antsy. 

One tradition we started when Pickle was 1, is a Christmas eve box. Now, I don’t know about all families, but when I was growing up we were always allowed to open one present on Christmas eve. It helped hold us over for one more day. 

I sort of forgot about that tradition as we have made Christmas eve the day we celebrate Christmas with Chris’ side of the family. However, I found myself preparing for pictures that would be taken Christmas morning by buying pajamas for Pickle to wear. 

I had seen several ideas about Christmas eve boxes on Pinterest and thought, “okay so I am not the only one”. So every year we put together a Christmas eve box.

This year we got;

1 pajama set for each child

1 movie [Cars 3]

1 Christmas book [Mickey Christmas book]



And hot chocolate packets

When we get home from Chris’ parent’s house, we will open the box. The kids will get ready for bed in their new pajamas, we will pop popcorn, heat the hot cocoa, and watch the movie. In hopes that both kids will go to sleep at a decent hour. 

Do you open gifts on Christmas eve? Do you have a Christmas eve tradition?

Until tomorrow, 


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