Find The Gratitude 4

Thanksgiving is tomorrow! Can you even believe it!? Since the virus is spreading like wildfire and now even invading our personal lives, we are staying put. We will be spending Thanksgiving here at home. I will be making breakfast and a smaller version of our usual Thanksgiving dinner. It will be a, hopefully, relaxing day.... Continue Reading →

Find The Gratitude part 2

Last week I decided we were going to do this Find The Gratitude idea that I had. Every night after dinner we would tell each other what we are grateful for. After the first day, I figured, maybe we should write it down somewhere. So, I decided to make a gratitude tree. I found a... Continue Reading →

Blogmas Day 10

I think for many people Christmas involves a large dinner surrounded by family and/or friends. My Christmas always involved a huge smorgasbord of food, typically at my grandparent's house (before they passed away). The menu always seemed to remain the same, except the one year with the spicy lasagna that no one could eat. For... Continue Reading →

Blogmas Day 6

One important part of Christmas is putting up and decorating your Christmas tree. Fun fact: Did you know Christmas trees did not start from Christianity? It is said that Pagans actually were the ones who started the Christmas tree tradition. "Pagans in Europe used branches of evergreen fir trees to decorate their homes and brighten... Continue Reading →

Blogmas Day 22

So it's almost Christmas eve and the anticipation is keeping the kids antsy.  One tradition we started when Pickle was 1, is a Christmas eve box. Now, I don't know about all families, but when I was growing up we were always allowed to open one present on Christmas eve. It helped hold us over... Continue Reading →

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