Blogmas Day 23

Cookies cookies cookies!

Of course we have to make cookies to leave out for Santa!  You can buy premade dough or you can make your own. The options are endless! 

This year my mom put me in charge of baking cookies for Christmas at her place. While I was happy to oblige, I also baked some for Pickle to leave out for Santa on his fancy Santa plate.

Pickle wound up falling asleep early, leaving poppy and I to make cookies. She was a great help at throwing the cookie cutters on the floor and poking holes in the dough. We had music playing so of course dancing was involved too. She’s a hoot!

I will have to wait for Pickle to decorate them or he will be upset.

Last year, I was listening to the radio. They were talking about what other countries leave out for Santa. Most other countries, they said, leave out some kind of alcohol. I was surprised at first, but then realized I shouldn’t be shocked. I don’t drink and have my own opinions about alcohol, but many many others do like it. Perhaps they feel more relaxed while putting out presents and drinking. Whatever the case, it just goes to show how different we all are. 

What do you leave out for Santa?

Until tomorrow, 


P.s. it is currently snowing!!

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