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Category: Blogmas 2017

Blogmas Day 24

I honestly cannot believe it’s already Christmas eve! I keep thinking back at where I was last year. I was pregnant with Poppy, hoping not to be in the hospital […]

Blogmas Day 23

Cookies cookies cookies! Of course we have to make cookies to leave out for Santa!  You can buy premade dough or you can make your own. The options are endless!  […]

Blogmas Day 22

So it’s almost Christmas eve and the anticipation is keeping the kids antsy.  One tradition we started when Pickle was 1, is a Christmas eve box. Now, I don’t know […]

Blogmas Day 21

It is December, nearly the end of December, and we have had no accumulation of snow. It use to be white nearly all December long. In the last few years […]

Blogmas Day 20

Let’s take a trip down memory lane, my memory lane I should say. I have been trying to think about which Christmas’ I remember as a kid.  When I was […]

Blogmas Day 19

Things have been a bit crazy around here. Seems like each day gets a little bit busier than the last. Then again, most of it is just the work I […]

Blogmas Day 18

If I could I would make it a law that Christmas lights be left up all year round. I just love Christmas lights! Growing up we always made it a […]

Blogmas Day 17

For any age, filling a stocking can seem like one of the most daunting parts about Christmas, (shhh) or being Santa.  At least that is true for me.  When I […]

Blogmas Day 16

This post is coming out a little later than usual, I hope you don’t mind. We were ultra busy today! A couple of months ago, I talked about how this […]

Blogmas Day 15

Ever since I can remember, my parents have always done anything within their power to give us a great Christmas. My mom, in particular, is such a giving person. She […]

Blogmas Day 14

Nothing says Christmas like a counter full of baked goods! I love to be in the kitchen. I love to cook and I love to bake.  Growing up, the only […]

Blogmas Day 13

On Monday, I had been preparing to go to work as usual. I made dinner around 3pm so that I could eat before going in. Sometime around 330pm, one of […]

Blogmas Day 12

Christmas crafts! I love making things and watching my kids make things. I always display them in the house. Aside from our usual coloring holiday pictures activity, I always try […]

Blogmas Day 11

The end of the year always seems to be the busiest. One holiday after the other, birthdays, shopping, planning, and your normal daily activities.  Holidays can be stressful. You may […]

Blogmas Day 10

Don’t read this post with little eyes around, at least not ones that can read.  I want to talk about something that’s supposed to be secretive, being Santa. I am […]

Blogmas Day 9

When you are younger, one of the most popular questions during Christmas time is, what do you want for Christmas? For most kids, that includes toys, games, and material items. […]