Down in the dumps

Something happened to my back. I have tried icing it, heating it, stretching it, and nothing is working. So, today, I am resting it. 

On top of my back pain, I finally have succumbed to the germs of my children. Meaning, I now have the cold they have been passing around. Yay!

Lysol anyone? I think I will douse myself in some. Maybe I will just start spraying everyone. Lysol for you. Lysol for you as well. Here you go have some lysol.

While I dislike being sick, I don’t mind taking a rest day. Afterall, how often do I get one of those? 

The hubs has taken BOTH children to the store with him. I am thankful. We are also going to try this slow cooker kielbasa recipe.

Doesn’t that look so good? 

So while he is at the store, I will be in bed coloring on the Recolor app and spending the rest of the day in bed watching movies. 

Colored in the Recolor app

Happy Sunday!


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