Time keeps on slipping 

It’s 1:31am, thunder is rolling in once again. I’m laying here with a backache, thinking about random things. 

October is almost over. That is 10 months out of the 12 that we are alotted each year. 10 months that have already gone by, but feeling more like 3. 

I have always heard older people tell me, “wait until you get older”. Like, you think time is going fast now, just wait. Like I could blink and all of a sudden I will be a grandma, old and grey. 

I am almost 28. I know how fast time feels like it is going right now. Is this considered a 27-28 year old pace? It feels like I just had Poppy 3 months ago, but here she is nearly walking.  

How is it that time seems to speed up more and more? Is it because there is more to do now with the kids? They are growing at a rate that I wish I could slow down, but the time just keeps going. It never slows down, it never stops. 

Sometimes I wish I were a time lord. That way I can go at my pace entirely. Like, oh you’re a 1 year old for 3 years (just kidding). I don’t know if having kids is the reason time has seemed to have sped up, but it sure causes some bitter sweetness.

Time just seems to be slipping. I just want to hold on a little longer. 


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