Summertime Questionnaire For Adults

I saw this questionnaire post on And Fierce. I, too, had been looking for a summer inspired questionnaire. I always like reading other people’s answers, everyone is always so different! She made the first 20 questions and then I came up with a few more.

1. What song always reminds you of summer?

I really have to ponder this one. I wound up asking Chris what song he thinks of and his first thought was summer girls by LFO because of word association to the lyrics. I think mine is Bitter Sweet Symphony by The Verve.

2. What do you bring to a BBQ?

To be honest, we don’t go to many. Usually if we do it’s either a side dish like italian pasta salad [or a pinterest inspiration] or dessert of some kind. Chris says beer 🍺🤣.

3. What is your favorite summer drink?

I really only drink water because I have a difficult time with anything carbonated or acidic. However, I do love teas and lemonades, it just isn’t consumed often.

4. What is your favorite summer food?

Grilled anything is pretty much always satisfying to me. I also love corn on the cob and summer fruits!

5. Would you rather swim in a pool, ocean, or lake?

I definitely prefer creatureless aquatic areas for swimming haha.

6. When you go to a restaurant do you opt for outdoor seating?

It definitely depends on temps, but just recently we went to this restaurant that had a lake in the back where we sat outside. It was super nice and relaxing.

7. How do you roast marshmallows and how do you like yours?

I stick mine right in the flame, sometimes twirling. I keep it in long enough to catch fire because I like them burnt. Though, I can only tolerate a couple, they are so sugary! As far as smores go though, I prefer chocolate chip cookies (soft) with the burnt marshmallow in the middle.

8. Do you like to go camping?

Yes! However, it can be a miserable experience in the summer heat. So we like to go towards the beginning and end of summer or during fall. Chris prefers glamping, so I have to take what I can get!

9. Do you enjoy fishing?

I don’t really like touching fish, because they are spastic haha. But actually fishing with the pole I do enjoy if I don’t have to monitor other people at the same time.

10. What do you remember about summers as a child?

We went camping a lot when I was younger. We always had a pool in our yard and our neighbors often joined us. We played outside A LOT; riding bikes, playing kick the can, kick ball, football, ghost in the graveyard, climbing trees, wandering the neighborhood park, and many sleepovers with our cousins. Oh and lots and lots of pop ice!!

11. Do you think kids today get to enjoy summer the same way as you did?

My kids definitely enjoy summers and have similar experiences as I did. However, they are not allowed to free roam as they please without us. Our society is a lot different now than in was when I was a kid. I think the media and social media has had a huge impact on all of that. It just simply isn’t safe seeming anymore.

12. Have you ever been injured during summer?

The first experience that came to mind was in girl scouts, but I already wrote about that one.  So my next memory is of me trying to ride my mountain bike up our huge ass hill of a street. I wasn’t quite use to having no training wheels, but no one was really around to help me. I wound up falling down pretty hard on my knee. Luckily our neighbor kid was around and saw. He came to help me and get me home. It was just bloody, nothing too major really.

13. Did you ever have to do summer school as a kid?

I did not.

14. How do you spend the 4th of July?

Usually lighting fireworks off and having a cook out. Sometimes we get our own fireworks. Sometimes we go to my uncle’s show and have a potluck style BBQ.

15. Do you like fireworks?

I love them so long as they are in the air 😅

16. What’s your favorite ice cream?

Chocolate chip cookie dough 😋

17. Do you like being inside or outside during the summer?

I like to be outside if there is something going on or to do.  But days when it’s a heat index of 120° I definitely am staying in.

18. What is your funniest summer time memory?

When I was younger we always had our cousins over. At one point they did live with us. Across the street from us was a family that had 3 sons. The oldest son was every girl in my family’s crush. I remember we would argue over who would get him and marry him. Well one summer my cousins were over, along with the neighbor boy. We wanted to swim in the pool in our backyard. My cousin didn’t have a swimsuit and asked for one of mine. She is older than me and more developed at this time. She decided to wear my neon green 2 piece swimsuit with an orange trim that was a halter style top. Well we were playing and all of a sudden her boob pops out of the top in front of everyone, including the neighbor boy. Of course she was mortified, but we couldn’t help but laugh. [P.s. no one ever ended up with the guy🤣].

19. What’s the weather like where you live?

It fluctuates A LOT. So far it has been fairly dry and anywhere from mid 80s to 100°F. It gets hot and humid. Some summers we have terrible storms and tornadoes.

20. Have you been to an outdoor music festival or concert?

Yes, but I swear it never feels like enough haha.

21. Do you tan or burn?

I do both. Normally my burn turns into a tan. I actually have been sunburnt twice [overlapping] just in the last month. I am trying to be better about using sunscreen on myself. I don’t normally go out looking to be tan, though.

22. Do you enjoy mowing?

I actually do enjoy mowing and am usually the one who does it at my house. Sometimes I feel like a badass because I have been known to carry my 30 pound children on my hip while mowing, haha.

23. Do you have a summer reading list?

I actually am taking up reading this summer. So far I have finished The Handsmaid’s Tale and am currently halfway through Holding Up The Universe. I signed up myself for the summer reading program through the library when I signed up my kids. If you have any recommendations leave them in my comments!

24. What is one thing you dislike about summer?

For me, more than anything, it is the mosquitos! I hate being bitten and then feeling itchy nonstop!

25. Do you have any summer vacation plans?

We had a few, but our house decided to cause a bit of a hassle in the last few months. So we have postponed the majority of them. We only have 1 actually planned as of now for late July.

26. Sandals, crocs, or flipflops?

It depends what I am doing. I recently bought some cheap knockoff crocs for doing yardwork and absolutely love them! Casually I wear flipflops. For more dressy occasions I wear sandals, but take them off as soon as I can.

27.  Would you rather work as a camp counselor or lifeguard? Have you ever been either?

Considering I am not the best swimmer, I would rather be a camp counselor. Though the idea of trying to manage other people’s kids makes me anxious haha. I would have to be like the craft activity counselor. And no I have never been either one.

28.  Drive in movie or floating down a river?

I would definitely prefer a drive in movie over floating down a river. Though I guess it depends on whether or not the kids are with me. I have never been floating down the river and would be willing to try without my kids in tow. But a drive in movie sounds like so much fun!

29. What summer trend do you see coming back?

I actually can confirm that this trend has come back. And while I do not understand it personally, as I am far too insecure, I applaud those who are confident enough in themselves to wear it. Thong bikini.

30. Do you have any summer tourist spots in your town?

The only thing I think we have would be the Henry Doorly Zoo. But, I don’t know if people plan their summer vacations around that.

And that is a wrap! I really enjoy these questionnaires. If you do feel free to comment your answers for me to read!


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