Summertime Questionnaire 2023

Summer has officially started here in my house! The kids are done with school and I am done with work – though I am still in school full time and about to start certification courses as well next month. Things have been busy around here, which means I haven’t had a lot of content coming to mind. I know I have done the Summertime Questionnaire the last couple of years, so I decided ‘what the heck let’s do it again!’ Links to the old ones can be found Summertime Questionnaire For Adults 2022 and Summertime Questionnaire For Adults 2021. I did change up some of the questions for this year!

1. What are you most looking forward to this Summer?

I honestly am not sure I am technically looking forward to anything. I am just taking each day as it comes.

2. What is your favorite way to cool off outside?

Generally it is drinking water until I grow a mermaid tail or water fights with the kids.

3. What is your favorite Summer activity or event?

Exploring with the fam – whether that is scenic exploring, long drives, food exploring, or hiking to waterfalls.

4. Do you have a favorite Summertime snack?

Not really a snack persay, but Summer fruits and corn on the cob are probably my favorite “summer” foods.

5. What is on your Summer playlist?

I have to add new stuff to it, but here is my Summer Playlist on Spotify.

6.Do you have a Summer reading list?

Honestly, books have been put on the back burner lately. I am hoping to read one! Maybe if I pick one I will be more likely to read it. How about ….

7. Are you gardening anything this Summer?

We planted our pumpkins, in a different spot this year, hopefully we get some good ones! We also planted wildflowers, mint, lavender, and I want to try strawberries again.

8. What do you celebrate during the Summer months?

My oldest’s birthday, he will be 10 this year! 😭 Chris’ birthday, father’s day, 4th of July, and a few other birthdays for friends and family.

9. What is on this year’s Summer bucketlist for you?

We all sat down and colored our summer bucketlist sheets and wrote our hope-to’s on them.

10. What swimsuit are you rockin’ this Summer?

I haven’t thought about it. My body changed a lot again this last year and I don’t know what fits or if I even will need one. Who knows 🤷‍♀️.

11. Do you use sunscreen regularly?

I do my best to remember. At the same time, there has been a lot on sunscreen lately and them containing carcinogens. I am not sure what is and isn’t safe anymore.

12. What are you not looking forward to this Summer?

1. It going by too fast. 2. My kids fighting all of the time. 3. Mosquitoes.

13. Do you have a favorite summer beverage?

Ice cold water or sweet tea.

14. Do you have Summer vacation plans?

We only have one for sure and others up in the air. I am hoping to make a roadtrip out of the one we have planned already, we will see!

15. What movie would you like to see at a drive-in?

Anything really, I haven’t been since I was very little. It would probably need to be family friendly.

16. What is your idea of a perfect Summer day?

Sleep in until my body naturally wakes up. Go exploring with the fam – local or not-.

17. Host a grilling party or bonfire party?

How about both at the same time!

18. Are you in the water or sun bathing on the side?

I don’t sunbathe on purpose. Generally if we are at an aquatic place I am in the water. At home, I am either doing yard work or hanging out at the patio table.

19. What is something you want to give up this Summer?

Less takeout/drive thru eating. Working on being more intentional with what I am eating and feeding the fam.

20. What is something you want to accomplish this Summer?

Recovering from covid (had it for the 2nd time from Easter) and improving my fibromyalgia symptoms.

21. What is your go to way to relax in the Summer?

Does sitting at a dirt track watching the cars go round and round while getting a free dirt facial count? 😆

22. What does your Summer Mood Board look like?

23. What temperature do you set your thermostat to during the Summer?

69 or 70 usually.

24. How do you feel about yard work?

I actually enjoy doing yardwork, I generally do most of the mowing.

25. Ask me anything!

Ask me something summer related in the comments!

Can you believe it is already almost June!? I hope you are having a fantastic Monday and your Summer is everything you need it to be!

☀️ jenn


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