Summertime Questionnaire For Adults 2022


Though, I always feel like Summer starts on the last day of school, which is the end of May.

Last year I did this Summertime Questionnaire for Adults, so I figured I should do it again! Some questions don’t really need repeated from that specific one that I did though, so I figured I would round up some new ones!

1. What are you most looking forward to THIS summer?

I am hopeful that we will get into some fun stuff this Summer! Mini vacations, day exploring, and just experiencing stuff.

2. What is your favorite way to cool off outside?

I don’t feel like I have a favorite. Sometimes it’s with the hose/sprinkler, sometimes a pool, and sometimes it is with cold treats or beverages. It just depends!

3. What is your favorite Summer activity or event?

Honestly…just being outside doing something!

4. Do you have a favorite Summertime snack?

Not that I can think of really…

5. What is on your Summer playlist?

6. Do you have a Summer reading list?

I already finished Everybody Always.

7. Are you gardening anything this Summer?

We were attempting to is more like it! We are trying bell peppers, cucumbers, strawberries, mini pumpkins, and jack-o-lantern pumpkins. We did have some success with jack-o-lanterns last year, so hopefully it works out! The storms have really been doing a number on my planter boxes [cucumbers and peppers] though; between flooding them and tearing them up I will be lucky if they ever flower. My strawberries were a dud sadly. Next time I will try a starter instead of seeds.

8. What do you celebrate during the Summer months?

My oldest son’s birthday, my husband’s birthday, father’s day, July 4th, and several family birthdays.

9. What is on this year’s Summer bucketlist for you?

We used our chalkboard for our Summer bucketlist.

I am actually surprised there isn’t more stuff listed.

10. What swimsuit are you rockin’ this Summer?

I have been searching for a new suit this year. In fact, I bought 5 of them in hopes to love at least one. I am really loving these prints! I am still trying to decide what I am personally comfortable with wearing. I also feel like some are better fitting all around than others (especially the chest support). Alas, here is the collage of the new ones I got.

11. Do you use sunscreen regularly?

Only if I know I am going to be outside for a long time. But my daily moisturizer has some in it too.

12. What are you NOT looking forward to this Summer?

Usually blood thirsty mosquitoes, but we had a company spray for those! Then the kids being at each other’s throats is not a good time for anyone. I decided to cope ahead on it and bought a planner solely for summer planning. I feel like it has been helping and keeping up on bed time routines is also vital.

13. Do you have a favorite Summer beverage holder/cup?

The one I got for mother’s day is my current favorite!

14. What is your favorite grilled food?

I love everything grilled. I really love steak, but I am not supposed to eat red meat as my rheumatologist says it can trigger my fibromyalgia.

15. What color or design do you love on your nails during Summer?

I am really liking light blue right now. I picked this up from Target for Spring, but it seems to fit Summer as well.

Sally Hansen- vegan- Crystal Blue Nail Color 370

16. Camping, glamping, or staying home?

All of that is fine with me!

17. Favorite Summer vacation spot?

Within driving distance from us I would say Yankton, South Dakota.

18. Popsicles, ice cream, or snow cones?

If I had all 3 in front of me and had to choose one I would probably pick a snow cone.

19. Do you go to the Farmer’s markets during the Summer?

Honestly, not really, but maybe we will this year!

20. Random, Do you know anyone named Summer?

I use to work with someone named Summer when I worked at Target. She was pretty cool. Other than that…no.

I hope you all have a fun, relaxing, and healthy Summer! Leggo! 🌞 ☀️


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