30 Questions To Ask Your Child To Get To Know Their Heart (answered)

If you have any presence on social media I am sure you have seen the birthday Questionnaires to ask your kids every year. I always like asking my kids questions like those to see how they have changed and what’s going on in their heads. I am always wondering what they are thinking about.

I decided to ask my kids 30 questions and write their answers out. Pickle is 7 years old, Monkey is 3 years old, and Bug is only 1 so he can’t really answer these yet.


1. Who is your favorite super hero and why?

Pickle: uhhhhm, Flash. Because he’s super fast like me!

Monkey: uhm Batman. Because he is awesome!

2. What is your favorite season?

Pickle: mine is Summer because it has my birthday in it and we get to have lots of fun.

Monkey: The one with my birthday (winter).

3. If you could choose a name for yourself what would you pick?

Pickle: Chase.

Monkey: Peppa.

4. What super power do you wish you had?

Pickle: lantern flash.

Monkey: pink power!

5. What is your favorite Disney movie?

Pickle: Spiderman

Monkey: Little mermaid, no Peppa Pig!

6. What is your favorite song?

Pickle: Happier by Marshmello

Monkey: Dance Monkey by Tones and I

7. What is your favorite t.v. show?

Pickle: Ninjago

Monkey: Floor is Lava

8. What is your favorite color?

Pickle: Blue! Blue red orange and yellow

Monkey: Pink! PINK PINK!

9. What is the best thing in your life?

Pickle: family

Monkey: I don’t know!

10. What is your happiest memory?

Pickle: when we go to hotels

Monkey: I don’t know!

11. What is your saddest memory?

Pickle: When I was 4 and wanted to stay at Sullys house and I did, but when I laid down I missed you.

12. How can mommy be a better mom to you?

Pickle: uhm, stop making me do chores

13. How can daddy be a better dad to you?

Pickle: uhm, if he could put strawberries and blueberries on our pancakes for breakfast

14. What is your biggest strength?

Pickle: video games

15. What is your weakness?

Pickle: kryptonite

16. What do you want to be when you grow up?

Pickle: a youtuber

Monkey: a princess!

17. What is your greatest wish?

Pickle: if I could have cart racers, Nickelodeon cart racers

Monkey: uhm a dandelion that is white

18. Are you afraid of anything?

Pickle: sometimes the dark or if I had bad ideas that would make me scared if they came to life

Monkey: spiders

19. If you could have any pet what would you want?

Pickle: a hamster

Monkey: a bunny

20. What is better, swimming in a pool or the ocean?

Pickle: the ocean has sharks so I wouldn’t be in the ocean I’d be in a pool, but if there was a lake I would swim in it.

Monkey: a pool at Uncle Joe’s house

21. Do you want any brothers or sisters?

Pickle: I think we are good we don’t need anymore brothers or sisters.

Monkey: Both!

22. Do you want to get married when you are older?

Pickle: eventually

Monkey: nooo!

23. Do you want to have kids when you are older?

Pickle: uhm I only want 2 kids

Monkey: nooo!!

24. What is your favorite holiday?

Pickle: Christmas because I get lots of cool stuff.

Monkey: Halloween! I like costumes and candy!

25. What do you want to do this year?

Pickle: All of us go on a walk and we can take the stroller and I can ride my new scooter and Monkey can ride her scooter. Then we could look around our neighborhood to see if there is any cool stuff.

Monkey: A water fight.

26. What do you think happens when you die?

Pickle: I go to heaven and come back as something new.

Monkey: I don’t know…

27. Do you believe in God?

Pickle: Yes I do.

Monkey: No.

28. If you could build anything in our backyard what would it be?

Pickle: I would build a video game set up. Like a shed but nice.

Monkey: a hedgehog

29. Where would you want to go on vacation?

Pickle: the beach

Monkey: the cabin

30. What is your favorite toy?

Pickle: my remote control cars and hoverboard

Monkey: my favorite toy is this (a baby game controller)

Bonus question:

Where did you come from?

Pickle: my mommys belly

Monkey: my mom’s belly as well

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