My 2020 Bucket List

With all the uncertainty going on right now, there is a lot of negativity surrounding everything. I for one am refusing to let 2020 be remembered as the year of jumanji and all things horrible.

I had started this year with a relatively small bucket list, but as Summer quickly approached I began adding more things to it. The year is already half way over [crazy, right!?] and I haven’t accomplished everything on my list. I figured if I physically write this out it will give myself some accountability. Plus, maybe it will give others some ideas, too.

1. My main item for 2020 was to see a real life waterfall. We do have a trip booked to make that happen!

2. Figure out a name for my new “business” idea.

3. Redecorate the kid’s bedrooms.

4. Have an epic Halloween costume. I do have some ideas, but trying to make up my mind.

5. Figure out what the heck to get the kids for Christmas this year.

6. Lose at least 60 pounds [I have 35 to go].

7. Monthly date nights.

8. Paint more and sew more.

9. Take the family stargazing.

10. Replace ugly light fixtures in the house.

11. Tear up the front lawn.

12. Build a deck and privacy fence.

13. Get my horse painting framed.

14. Get new pots and pans.

15. Have a backyard dinner party.

16. Go day exploring.

17. Have a weekend getaway for just Chris and I.

18. Dance in the rain.

19. Eat vegetables from our garden.

20. Make no plans and stay home for a full weekend once a month.

21. Write more.

22. Take more pictures and videos.

I feel like 22 is a good number of items. It is my favorite number after all. Hopefully I can accomplish most of these items or at least start them. I feel like this year is just flying by. I keep thinking how I cannot wait for Fall and The Pumpkin Patch. I think that is because it is more of a relaxing season for me. Granted I don’t want time to slip by faster than it already is.

What do you want to accomplish before the year is over? Let me know!


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