Get To Know Me Questionnaire

You know I am always down for answering questions. I tend to like when people try to pry my brain open. I found this questionnaire on Pinterest that I thought could be another fun one to get to know me.

1. Write about your name. Where did it come from and what does it mean.

My name is Jennifer Michelle. My first name was actually picked after I was born. My parents were told that I was a boy in utero and I would have been named Robert. Of course they were surprised, but excited, when I came out. My mom was a huge soap opera lady. She watched Days of Our Lives religiously. Jennifer was one of the characters on the show. My middle name, Michelle, is my mom’s mother’s name.

“Jennifer may mean “the fair one” (from Proto-Celtic *Windo-seibrā). A Cornish form, it is cognate with the Welsh form Gwenhwyfar and with the Old Irish Findabair.” Says wikipedia.

Michelle is said to be the female variant of Michael which means “who is like god”. Also according to wikipedia.

2. When and where were you born?

I was born in the morning of December 7th, 1989 in the university hospital here in Nebraska.

3. Do you have siblings?

Yes. Here is the lineup of us all.

I have an older brother, then me, a younger sister, a younger brother, a younger brother (not biologically or legally related), and 2 younger half brothers.

4. Think about your house growing up. What was it like?

When I was born we lived in an apartment. We moved to a townhome, where we lived until I was 6 years old. We moved to a house in a middle class neighborhood. It was 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and a full basement. We had 2 livingrooms, one was considered the “nice livingroom” where we weren’t allowed in. My room was pink barbie themed with a white metal bunkbed. Eventually my room got painted light purple and I had a heart border on the walls. The kitchen had typical brown wood cabinets and a brick wall.

When my parents divorced, my mom initially stayed in the house with us kids. My dad moved to a hotel and then eventually an apartment. After my mom met my stepdad, he moved in with us, but then they decided to move to another house. My dad moved back into our original house and I moved with my mom, stepdad, sister, and younger brother to the new house. In the new house, my room had red carpet. Similar house to the one we had, 3 bed 2 bath. It was a little smaller, but it worked. The bathroom had a skylight which was interesting.

5. What was your favorite activity as a kid?

Anything outside with the neighborhood kids was always fun. We played a lot of hide and seek, ghost in the graveyard, kickball, kick the can, road bikes, sledding, building snow forts, swimming, making up games, and climbing trees. I also enjoyed putting on shows in our basement like I was a famous singer. I played house and barbies A LOT!

6. What was your favorite place as a child?

Probably outside, but I also really liked being at our neighbor’s houses, too.

7. Who were you friends with as a child?

Our neighborhood had a lot of kids. I was friends with our neighbor kids across the street, kids that lived in the circle behind their house, and girls up the street from me.

8. Did you travel as a child? Where were your favorite places?

We did a lot of camping when my parents were together. We went to Missouri and Minnesota. I remember traveling to Springfield Missouri for my dad’s bowling tournament. We also went to worlds of fun.

After the divorce we didn’t go camping anymore. My dad did take us to Branson once with his whole family in a cabin. We went to New York with my mom and stepdad to see his family. We went to California with my mom for my Grandma’s birthday.

I really liked to travel and can’t really say I had a favorite place. We never went to the same places more than once to my knowledge.

9. What was high school like for you?

High school was hard, fun, and confusing for me. I still had some bullies. My freshman year I was dating my brother’s good friend who was a senior at the time. Of course, my parents said absolutely not and I had to hide it from them for awhile. My best friend, Sarah, and I hung out all of the time. I was with said boyfriend from my freshman year to my senior year. I struggled with my sexual identity. For some reason people thought I was a lesbian, even though I was with the same guy the whole time…Maybe it was because Sarah and I were so close they assumed we were dating. I don’t know. I had random groups of friends in certain classes. But, mostly if I wasn’t with my boyfriend and his friends I was either with Sarah or at home playing guitar hero on expert for hours and hours.

I was just trying to figure out who I was during those years. My style went from gothic to preppy to harajuku. Interesting times for sure.

10. What world events was significant to your childhood?

September 11th is the most prominent for me. I remember it clear as day. You can read about that here Never Forget

11. Write about your grandparents.

I will start with my mom’s parents. Her parents divorced long before my existence. Her parents are both still alive and I have seen my grandma several times in my life. We aren’t particularly close, but we talk once a month at least. Her dad on the other hand, I have met twice in my life. He doesn’t seem to have any interest in our family.

My dad’s parents both passed away in my teenage years. I was very close with the both of them. We spent many weekends over at their house growing up. My grandpa would teach me how to cook, we would watch movies and M*A*S*H, he kept us involved with the Italian heritage society, and gave thee best hugs! My grandma struggled with mental illnesses. She had Bipolar Disorder, Schizophrenia, and some other chemical imbalances. Despite her internal struggles, she was the most loving grandma. She taught me how to crochet necklaces, we would make beaded jewelry, she taught me how to make the best grilled cheese, she would watch us pretend we had our own cooking show just like Emril did, she taught me all about lipsticks, and made me repeatedly do multiplication tables. She was very religious, Catholic. We sometimes went to church with them, which I hated. I remember one time I didn’t have proper clothing for church. I had a mini jean skirt. She was so mad! They always hosted holiday dinners for our whole family. Gosh I miss them so much! My grandma passed away in 2005 from an aneurism. My grandpa passed away in 2008 from an enlarged heart (I am unsure of the official cause, but I think it was heart attack in his sleep).

12. Write about your aunts, uncles, and cousins.

My mom has a brother and sister from the same parents. Her brother lives here in Nebraska with his 3rd wife. They have 2 sons together and he has 2 daughters from his 2nd marriage. They are the ones we have been closest too. My mom’s sister lives in California, she has 2 daughters and a son. My mom also has some step and half siblings, but I don’t think I have met them in person.

My dad has 2 brothers, who are fraternal twins, and a sister. Growing up we were all very close, but 1 uncle I do not have any contact with anymore since finding out he molested my aunt multiple times. I never had good energy vibes from him growing up. He doesn’t have kids. I still talk to my aunt from time to time, more than any of my dad’s siblings. She is married and has 2 kids. My other Uncle lives in Oklahoma with his wife. I really only see them once every couple of years, but we do keep up on each other’s facebooks. They have 1 son.

13. What was your favorite subject in school?

In elementary school I excelled in Math and Music. I was part of a math group that was a grade or 2 higher than what I was. I also was asked to be in a special music program for singing.

In middle school, I really liked science, homeeconomics, and Art.

In high school I liked math, law studies, and sewing.

14. Who was your favorite teacher as a child?

In elementary school, my favorite teacher was my 4th and 5th grade teacher. Her name was Ms. Meisinger. She eventually married and moved to Nova Scotia.

In middle school, I pretty much disliked all my 6th grade teachers. In 7th grade my favorite teacher was my English teacher. Mrs. Peterson. I remember her red curly hair and she was always smiling. She would always tell us not to read ahead, but knew I always did. I think I was one of her favorites. In 8th grade my favorite teachers were my math and my science teachers. My science teacher was also my homeroom teacher and he was the kind of guy that tried to teach on a level that was fun. He would play the guitar and make silly songs to get us to remember things. My math teacher was always nice to me and would let me get away with certain things.

In high school, hmm, one teacher I liked, but hated the subject was my history teacher my junior year. I remember he was so funny! There was one time he was telling us about how he hated rats and was thinking a giant rat would open the door and attack everyone. He said he didn’t like small dogs because it reminded him of rats. He said, “you know what’s good about little dogs? They fit in the microwave!” Everyone laughed so hard. He was a character!

15. Who taught you to drive?

My step dad took me one time to try to drive. It went ok. I was wearing flipflops, but they kept getting stuck under the pedal so I was eventually barefoot. We were only at the school parking lot, but I did hit a curb once. My driving career was put on the backburner. No one wanted to take the time to teach me. Eventually, my dad paid for me to take driver’s education around my 18th birthday I finally got my liscense and his then fiancee gave me her Hyundai Elantra.

The day I got my liscense

16. What was your most memorable birthday a a child?

I don’t remember all of them.

I think it was my 7th birthday. We had planned to go see The Santa Claus movie at the movie theater with some of my friends. Our dog, Husker, got out of the house and sent us on a wild goose chase.

My 12th birthday, I had a slumber party at my dad’s rental house, in his basement. I think I got into a fight with one of my friends.

My 18th birthday I got Rock Band and had friends come over to hang out and play. It was a little awkward because my ex decided to come to the party (he was part of my brother’s friend gang still).

17. What was the hardest part of growing up?

For me, it was the abrupt divorce, and everything that surrounded it. It definitely plays a role in my mental health, even to this day.

18. When did you leave the nest?

Right after high school graduation I moved to an apartment with my new boyfriend. I started working full time at Walmart. We bought a house a year later, and shortly after that we broke up and I moved back home. I got into a fight with my mom and moved to my dad’s for awhile. Eventually, I moved back to my mom’s and then moved to an apartment with my new boyfriend who is now my husband.

19. What did your parents do for work?

My dad owned a security company and my mom worked at daycares. Eventually she started working retail. My step dad was a trash man.

20. What was your first job?

I worked at the amazing pizza machine when I was 15, I was hired before they officially opened. I was a game host, meaning I would fix games, load tickets, and tend the ticket counter.

21. What did you want to be when you grew up?

A singer. A teacher. Military. And a mom.

22. Are you in a relationship? How did you meet?

Yes, Chris and I met in 2010 and started dating immediately. We got married in 2012. We met working at Walmart.

23. Do you have kids? Write about them.

I have 3 kids. I haven’t disclosed their real names because I believe it is their right to say if they want it shared or not. It’s their privacy.

My oldest son just turned 7. He is tall and skinny. He rips holes in all his jeans. He could watch YouTube all day long. He is empathetic and creative.

My daughter is 3, but has the whit of someone much older. She is also very tall and slim. She is already wearing little girls sizes, not toddler sizes. She loves to dance and make crafts.

My youngest son is 14 months old. He is shorter than my other 2 kids, but he was also the one who gave me pregnancy complications and came early. He is a mama’s boy for sure and a foodie. There isn’t anything he won’t eat. Even if he is full, if he can see it he will demand it. He also loves to dance and throw things in the toilet. P.s. he is walking everywhere.

24. What item will you cross off your bucket list next?

I am really hoping to see a waterfall this year!

25. Do you have travel plans this year?

We did already take a trip a couple weeks ago to the cabins on Milford Lake Kansas. We are planning another trip In September with our friends. I also want to go day exploring more often too. We will see!

Alrighty, well there you have it! I hope you are all having a fantastic Tuesday! I have to go make tacos now!

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