This Year In Rewind

Like I mentioned in my last post Sincerely, Jenn, this year has been particularly chaotic.

In January, we found out my mom’s brother who ran away when he was barely a teenager had been killed in a hit and run accident in 1986. He was a John Doe for over 30 years. For years my mom and the family have wondered what happened to him. I had even done my own research trying to locate him over the course of a few years. I felt invested into finding him. Finding out that he had died all those years ago was a huge let down knowing that the family would never get to reunite in this life with him.

In March, things with my pregnancy started to get worse. Starting with the pelvic pain that had me barely being able to walk without groaning. Quitting my job and two days following that landed in Labor and Delivery with my water broke at 29 weeks. Spending the rest of the month and half of April on bed rest in the hospital until little man decided to come, which you can read here if you would like A Day Of His Own (A Birth Story). That was a crazy day. Leaving the hospital while my new baby had to stay behind in the NICU definitely took its toll on my emotions. He spent 12 days there, coming home April 29th. That evening, my brother was in a car accident. Luckily he is okay and nothing major to him happened.

Ever since then, things have just decided to not let up. A couple of weeks into the month my biological father’s wife passed away. While I did not have a relationship with her and have not with my dad in a couple of years, it definitely stirred up some old feelings for me. Which I will likely explain in a separate post here soon as I have been on edge about it. Then just this past Thursday, we landed in the emergency room with Bug because he had a fever. Since he is a preemie and hasn’t even made it to his due date yet, they had to run every test you could probably think of; blood test, chest x-ray, nose swab, and even a spinal tap. They did have to admit him until the results came back at 24 hours and they also had him on antibiotics as precaution. The test did determine that he was positive for enterovirus, which is basically a common cold, so we didn’t need to stay any longer in the hospital. Unfortunately the only thing we can do for him is to keep doing all the things we have been doing for the last three weeks until he finally gets over it.

Not only have things been chaos for me, it seems like it has been chaos for everyone close to me. Like what the hell is going on here? I am ready for a slow down. Here is to hoping this summer is relaxing and joyous to all!


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