December 26th.

Something about Christmas being over makes me really want to organize. Toys have taken over the house, dishes overflowing onto the counters from the sink, and I begin to feel overwhelmed with the need to organize. I suppose it is also in part of being pregnant and feeling like I need to “nest” as they call it.

I start with the first load of dishes and move on to the bathrooms. I took down the few Christmas decorations we had in the bathrooms, cleaned the toilets and sinks again as many people used them the day before, and then I became ignited. The closets that have not been organized in awhile were getting under my skin. What else is there to do than to tackle it while it is bothering me? So I did.

In the kid’s bathroom is a large cabinet. It hasn’t been organized in at least a few months if not longer.

Just looking at it was making me mad. Since I was already cleaning their toilet and sink (toothpaste everywhere!) I figured now is the time. I started by going through everything to check expiration dates. I was surprised how many tubes of neosporin we had and all of them were expired. I wound up filling a target bag with expired and unused things and then organized what was left. I want to get some contact paper for the shelves. Maybe I will do that this weekend.

The next closet that was making me irritated was the “coat closet” by the front door. It sort of became a hold all closet for things we didn’t want to put in the garage, but also didn’t want on display. We have not used it for coats since we have lived here.

Inside the closet was a whole diaper box of Poppy’s shoes. I figured since we aren’t having anymore girls that I could probably take most of the shoes to the second hand store and sell them, so I started a crate that would be full of stuff to sell. I pulled out all the other shoes laying in the closet, most of which were my Summer shoes. Some needed thrown out and others just needed to be moved upstairs to my closet. I wound up reorganizing all of the shoes, checking sizes of the kid’s, and making a pile of ones to take upstairs.

Next to said closet, on the other side of the airplane sized bathroom is the newly appointed kid’s play room. This room has been agonizing me for days, probably even weeks. I had been putting it off knowing how pointless it is to spend hours organizing it to my satisfaction, but today I couldn’t let it be anymore. I had to add all the new toys and in order to do that I had to start with the ones we already have. I had taken a before shot, but apparently my phone did not save it (it has been doing that lately). Just imagine very little room to walk around and nearly all the toys pictured on the floor.

Of course trying to clean while children are awake is highly frustrating and seemingly impossible.

Also in the toy room is a small closet. This closet has not really been touched since we moved in and filled it with miscellaneous things. I figured the stuff in it hadn’t been used in a long time and we could use the closet to hold some of the kid’s games (once I get the organizing rack this weekend). Once again, I had taken a before picture but my phone didn’t save it. Just picture a medium sized kennel and a few small boxes on top of what is left in there.

After I was done with those 2 things I started struggling. Pickle had been less than helpful the entire time. He kept repeating that he needed to rest, though he barely moved much the entire time. My hormones had had enough and I wound up sitting on the floor in the livingroom just trying to process the emotions without lashing out. Luckily this was right around the same time Chris got home from work. We had been texting as we usually do, so he knew I was flustered before he came in (I hadn’t told him what I was doing exactly). Once I heard him come in I told him not to crap his pants once he sees the piles in the entryway. Apparently it wasn’t enough warning because he said “what the heck happened here?” I told him I needed help and what needed to go where. He is such a loving guy and didn’t hesitate to help me. Once all of that was finished, he heated us up some leftovers for dinner, we ate, and then I had to start getting ready for work. [I am so grateful for having my husband.]

Even though we got a lot done, I still have a list of things I want to do. This weekend I am going to get some organizational things (storage totes and whatnot) and hopefully get it all finished. That way I can start organizing our baby stuff to see what we need and what we already have. This nesting business is no joke for me. It definitely gets under my skin, sometimes in the worst way, but we always manage to get it done.

I feel better now that the worst (or what seems to be) is over. We can start the new year out organized and rejuvenated.

Do you like to organize?


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