Blogmas Day 14

“O Christmas tree o Christmas tree how lovely are your branches.”

What they say about having young kids and Christmas trees is true. Christmas trees are like magnets for little kids. They like taking ornaments off and throwing them down the stairs. They somehow manage to knock them off constantly, shattering the ones you didn’t even realize were breakable. And, if you have cats like mine, sometimes they are worse than the kids. They think you put the tree up just for them. They paw at the stuff hanging off of it, after all they are cat toys right? They insist on using the “stump” as a scratching post and the tree skirt as their own personal blanket. With having both young kids and 2 silly cats here is what our Christmas tree has turned into this year.

I have given up on trying to make it “pretty”. I figure, eventually the kids and cats won’t want to play with it anymore and I will miss those days of a half decorated tree.

We do have 2 other little trees in the house. One of which I bought at the dollar store with the intention of it being a tree the kids can play with. It is only 18 inches tall and lacking in branches, but for $1 I don’t mind. The kids of course would rather play with the big one. So, it sits on the counter with one ornament on it that we will be using tomorrow for our gender reveal!

In the “fireplace room” we have a white tree. My mom gave us this tree because she decided she wanted a full size one this year. Plus she knows my obsession with Christmas and figured I would make use of it somewhere. I think it adds warmth to the room, even though it is a white tree.

This is the first time we have had more than one tree in the house. I am enjoying it!

How many trees do you have? Let me know in the comments!

Until tomorrow,


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