Blogmas Day 25

Merry Christmas! Today was a wonderful day! I knew if I didn't wake up before Pickle he would probably start opening stuff on his own. Though we told him the rule was he had to wait. I decided to set my alarm anyways. I woke up at 7am and just laid there for 10 minutes,... Continue Reading →

Blogmas Day 24

It is Christmas eve! That means Santa comes tonight! I am always so excited to see the kid's faces when they see what is under the tree. Yes I am one of those parents who goes a bit overboard at Christmas. I just can't help myself sometimes. As for today's agenda, our tradition is to... Continue Reading →

Blogmas Day 23

Only two days left until Christmas! For some people the holidays are a gloomy time. There are a multitude of reasons why someone would associate the holidays with being depressed. Even though Christmas is my favorite time of the year, I still find myself having bouts of depression. A lot of it stemming from reality... Continue Reading →

Blogmas Day 19

A couple of weekends ago we attended my husband's work safety/Christmas party. Every year Santa and Mrs. Claus make an appearance to take pictures, talk to the kids, and hand out candy canes. Pickle has never liked seeing Santa in person. I think after he was about 2 years old he would just refuse to... Continue Reading →

Blogmas Day 17

During the Christmas season you tend to see a lot of gingerbread and mint flavored things. I am not a fan of either, though gingerbread is more tolerable than mint. I especially do not like mint chocolate flavored things. Yuck! The flavor I gravitate towards for the season is cinnamon. Yesterday we were watching the... Continue Reading →

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