Blogmas Day 13

As I am laying here watching The Grinch, for the 647th time, I was thinking how cool it would be to visit a place like Whoville during Christmas time. Then it got me thinking about the places I would really love to go to during the Christmas season.

  1. Disneyland and/or Disneyworld- I have been to Disneyland and Disneyworld, both one time. I am one of those people who would live at the parks if we could. I have always wanted to go during Christmas. I have seen the videos of how they decorate the park and it always just seems that much more magical. Even a Disney cruise would be so much fun during Christmastime!
  2. New York City – I have never been to NYC (have been to upstate NY near the Canadian border). Perhaps it is just how it is portrayed in movies and things, but I have always wanted to go to NYC and Rockefeller Center during Christmas. “What is it with you and Christmas trees?” (Kate McCallister).

3. North Pole, Alaska – For those who do not know, North Pole Alaska is a small city that is Christmas all year round. I suppose that means I would not necessarily have to see it during December, but I still think it would be freaking sweet!

4. The Polar Express – In the US, there are many locations for the Polar Express train ride experience. The closest one to me is in Baldwin City, Kansas. The ride is suppose to be a recreation of the Polar Express movie and it ends up taking you to the North Pole. I think it would be so much fun for the whole family!

5. Branson, Missouri – I have been to Branson a couple of times during the Spring and Summer. There is always so much to do and see. Well it turns out, the Winter doesn’t stop the city and they have a full Christmas agenda!

6. Paris, France – Granted seeing Paris at anytime of the year would be amazing, but experiencing it during Christmas would be even greater. There is also a Disneyland in Paris. I imagine all the yummy foods and drinks to try while being in Paris. The only issue would be getting me on a plane that crosses large bodies of water without a sedative. Ha-ha!

Those are the only places off the top of my head that I can think of. Though I am certain there are plenty of magical places to see during Christmas. What is your favorite place to see during Christmas? What places do you want to see? Let me know in the comments!

Until tomorrow,


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