…and just like that

It is official, Pickle is a kindergartner.

Where has time gone that he is already old enough for this!?

Last week, we went to the school’s open house so that we knew what we were doing on the first day (and meet his teacher). It went well. We felt the school setup was odd, but it is what it is. We met his teacher and discussed dropping off. She said we can do what we are comfortable with; whether that’s dropping them off at the door or walking them into class.

Knowing the way Pickle gets anxious, and the fact it is his first time at this school, I decided we would walk him to class. So, this morning I kept preparing him (because that helps when you are an anxious person) that I would walk him to class then leave.

We ate breakfast, got dressed, got the obligatory first day of school pictures, and headed out. It is about a 3 minute drive from our house to the school. I parked in the little parking lot so that I could walk him in. The doors to go inside were not opened yet so we stood outside with the other families for a few minutes. We made our way into the building and the teachers were telling the kids to say bye to their families. I figured since Pickle’s teacher told us it was okay, that I would walk him to class. The principal wound up stopping me pretty quickly and told Pickle to come with her. We didn’t even get a chance to say goodbye before she sent him down the hall alone. I watched as he slowly walked like, “I don’t know where I am going”. I was flustered and nearly got teary eyed for him (knowing his anxiety and his need to say bye to me). Not to mention, this wasn’t what we prepared him for. I just hope it doesn’t hit him that he didn’t say bye because if it does I know he will be pretty upset.

A lot of other parents were crying (I managed not to). I think it would be easier if the teachers would have at least met the kids and took them to class. It definitely is different than his old school. I am missing that place today.

Poppy is already wondering where Pickle is. She has been yelling his name, it is cute (she did go with to take him to school). We are currently watching the movie Sing and having a shoe party. I am hoping she takes a nap before we have to go pick Pickle up later.

After school, I plan to take the kids for ice cream. We did the same thing on the first day of preschool, maybe it will be a tradition until he is too cool to be seen in public with us ha-ha.

Anywho, I hope you are all having a wonderful day!


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