Yard Update & Fall Yard Decor

The first thing we noticed when we first saw our house, was the horrendous front yard. The landscaping was completely overgrown and taking over the entire yard. I am not going to lie it was an instant turn off for us.

Long story short though, we did buy the house knowing we would be in for a lot of manual labor. (I personally enjoy doing yard work. I do find it difficult sometimes with my anxieties and also spending a lot of time trying to keep the kids from danger: like running into the street.)

Here is what the yard looked like before.

It was a hot mess of a jungle. The first thing we did was mow. Chris literally mowed over everything that didn’t have branches. We finally were able to see the yard. We then decided we needed to cut down the tree and large shrubs because they were blocking the street view when backing out of the driveway.

Once that was done, we tore out the falling apart retaining wall. We had a pallet of landscaping bricks delivered from Lowes. I am not going to lie, we procrastinated this project over the course of 3 weeks or so. Alas, we finally got it done!

I had seen a picture on Pinterest (go figure..) and it gave me an idea for the yard for Fall. I am a lover of Fall; all things pumpkin spice, breezy, sweaters, scenery, orange, red, yellow, and of course pumpkins! I knew what I had left from our decorations last year and decided to go with that again. I also wanted to plant mums in the newly redone flower beds. That is what we worked on today after I got off work.

Of course, ignore the stepping stones and tools leaning on the wall. I intend to buy a bunch of real pumpkins to go in the bottom flower bed where the rocks are. I think it will be festive for Fall and then I will have plenty to carve for Halloween!

I did wind up buying some solar lights off amazon, that way you can still see everything at night time.

I think it turned out awesome!

Also, about a week ago or so, I made the wreath that is on our front door. It was so easy to make and super cheap! Literally $12 and a hot glue gun. So simple!

I think I am going to add some lights to the leaf garland on the railings. Other than that I love it! It is a good feeling to remember where the yard started to where we have gotten it in 3 months time. Though it still has a long way to go. It is getting there!

Stay tuned for the next house update (hopefully soon)!


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