Life In Limbo

I like my job, mainly for the people and the discount it gives us. However, it isn’t something I am excited about doing. It isn’t something I want to do for a long time. It works for now because our kids are still young. We do not trust a daycare to watch them while we work, so working opposite schedules is what we are doing. Eventually, once the kids are in school, I will be working day shifts again. However, -doing what- is the question.

I have mentioned before my overabundance of interests. Check out my post Self Love Day 30 if you want to hear about those. One thing I didn’t mention, mainly because I forget that there is a career path for it, is event planning. I am a party obsessor. I am an organizer, planner, and literally obsessed with details.

My best friend and I recently discussed me having my own party planning company. I don’t know why I haven’t thought of doing that!

It wasn’t until after my mom’s 50th birthday party this past weekend that I started thinking more seriously about the idea of being an event planner.

It was a murder mystery dinner party. It was so much fun! I loved planning it and putting it together. I especially enjoyed all the compliments that my family gave me. It just inspired me to look more into it. I have started researching what all goes into that and looking for what colleges offer the program.

I feel like I have been in limbo for a long time trying to find what it is I want to do to make a living.

We will see what happens.

In the meantime, here are some pictures of the parties that I have done.

The picture above was the dinner room for the murder mystery dinner.

The picture above was Poppy’s first birthday.

The picture above is from Pickle’s second birthday. The living room was also decked out, it looked like we were under water in the ocean.

The picture above was from my sister’s birthday party a few years ago.

The picture above is from Pickle’s 4th birthday.

I tried finding pictures of the rest of the birthdays I have done, but they seem to be lost in my Facebook albums somewhere.

If I had unlimited funds, I could imagine the sort of parties I would have! -I am currently planning Poppy’s 2nd birthday. We are doing an Alice in Wonderland theme. Alice is her one of the top 3 movies she watches.-

I did just finish my first set of cake decorating classes. I really enjoyed it! I think it would be cool to do the party planning and have the added skill of cake making. Check out the cake I made for the murder mystery dinner. The inside was filled with pie fillings to look like blood when it was cut. I also bought ugly candles and redecorated them to match the theme. Not too bad for a newbie!

Like I said though, we will see what happens!


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