31 Days Of Self Love: Day 21

Day 21: What is something you’re working on believing you deserve?

Well, this challenge was inspired by self love and to be frank that was something I have always struggled with (if you haven’t figured that one out yet).

I think it started when I finally decided to take charge of myself. You see before, I was constantly putting my own care on the back burner for the sake of everyone else. On top of that, I was full of excuses for not doing what I know I needed to. For whatever reason I just didn’t think I deserved it more than everything or everyone else did. I sacrificed me for them.

Back in January I took the plunge and signed up for the Profile By Sanford program. It took a lot of discipline to be on that plan. I didn’t truly know it then, but that was the initial start of my transformation. Not only was there a physical transformation, but a mental one. I was empowering myself to keep going. I was empowering myself to love who I was. I finally reached a point where I was confident again. I was able to feel alive again. I started wanting to step outside my comfort zone to try new things like kayaking. I finally began to realize that I am well deserving of my own love.

Perhaps I was also having a quarter life crisis where I was questioning who I am. Am I happy with myself and my life? What am I not happy about? How can I fix that? Instead of dwelling on those things I actually have been making changes in my life to “fix” them.

We all deserve to love ourselves. We need to stop trying to conform to this notion society has placed on us to look a certain way, or be a certain way. Every body is beautiful. You are beautiful.

Until tomorrow,


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