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Tag: self care

31 Days Of Self Love: Day 21

Day 21: What is something you’re working on believing you deserve? Well, this challenge was inspired by self love and to be frank that was something I have always struggled […]

Surviving me

I can feel the darkness approaching again. Thoughts are trying to consume me. I know when a spell is coming because I get angry, lazy, and quiet.  If you haven’t […]

Invest In Yourself Everyday

As a mom, it is easy to put yourself last on your list of priorities. The other day I posted The Time Is Now about putting myself back in the forefront.  Normally, […]

Love Thyself #2

Today as Poppy was napping and Pickle was at preschool, I was going through some blogs. I stumbled upon one through a Facebook blogging group. Nia Simone wrote about accepting your physical […]

The time is now 

Do you ever wish that you had the ability to wipe your memory clean of something? Like the scenes from Men in Black when they use the little “flashy light” […]