Reasons I Love Our New Home

2 years ago, I could have only dreamed of having a house like we have now. With as much debt as we acquired, it didn’t seem like a possibility. However, the dream never faded.

My husband and I both worked so hard to get to where we are. He worked extra Saturdays. I started working again. I have always been our financial planner and with that I learned how to live minimally to pay off our debts. Though, we weren’t perfect 100% of the time. We made many sacrifices knowing it would pay off later on.

And it did!

I know there are many people living in many types of homes, but this one is ours.

Reasons I Love Our New Home

1. The fact we did this all on our own. We didn’t have to borrow money that we couldn’t pay back. Having sold our old home, we were able to pay off most of our debt. Not drowning in debt has been such a relief! It allowed us to have enough for a down payment as well as decorating the new house and breathing room for when things happen (because of course they do). For instance, the other night our laundry room was flooding because the drains were not cleared. We were able to have a plumber come out and take care of it without needing to borrow money from someone-which I absolutely hate doing!

2. The amount of space we now have is very gratifying. Just the fact that we have a designated playroom now for the million toys we have, makes my heart happy. Everyone can be doing what they want in the house, together or apart. Plus, going from our old house to our dungeon apartment, the space is very much enjoyed.

3. One of my most favorite things about this house is the laundry chute! Yes, we have a laundry chute and I love it so much! Every time the kids change clothes they put their laundry down the chute. We no longer have piles on the floor, invading our living spaces. Little Poppy loves it so much she has thrown a shoe and a couple of toys in it: makes for a fun surprise.

4. Having a 4 bedroom house was very important to us. We always have a plan for our family and having that space was part of the plan. We are planning to add one more child to our family. Maybe not this year, but soon! It feels good knowing we will have all the space we need when/if that does happen. Until then, we have a nicely furnished guest bedroom.

5. This one may seem silly, but in the kid’s bathroom the bathtub has an archway. I have always been enamored by arches over a bathtub. I do not really know why, but I just have since I was little. I think it adds character.

6. The yard came needing a lot of TLC. We really do not mind doing the work to make things how we want it. I have always liked doing yard work. Heck, I even mowed, several times, while carrying Pickle (he was like 1 year old) in one arm at our old house. Yardwork doesn’t bother me. We have chopped down several trees, plants, and overgrown craziness. We have been working on a retaining wall. We have made some mulch beds in the backyard. We have added a new patio table and firepit. Just today, we finally got the new trampoline put together. Soon we will be getting a privacy fence installed so that we can put our big pool up. In the meantime, we bought a smaller pool and a water table to keep the kiddos happy and cool for the Summer. Everything is coming together and I love it!

7. I now FINALLY have a fireplace! I have been dreaming of this day for a long time. I am a holiday decorating obsessor. You can be sure that my fireplace will be well decorated! I am so excited about it!

8. We have an actual dining room! At our old house, we had an eat in kitchen. It worked for us, but was very cramped when we wanted to entertain guests. Now, we have a full dining room. We have enough space to walk around the entire table without worrying about needing someone to scooch out of the way. Plus, it gives me an excuse to decorate the table to my heart’s content. Entertaining definitely will be a lot nicer now.

9. Something we have never had is a 2 car garage. Our old house, we did not have any garage. Having the extra storage space for garden tools, keeping the cars safe from hail, and totes full of holiday decorations is something I easily adapted to.

10. On the main level of the house we have an “airplane bathroom”. Technically it is called a powder room, but we call it the airplane bathroom. Having a bathroom on the mainfloor, that guests can use seriously rocks! They no longer have to see the kid’s mess in the bathroom (though we do clean it constantly). It is just really nice to have.

11. Our old house, though I loved it very much, definitely lacked in the storage department. In our new house we have so many places for storing things: the garage, entry way closet, laundry room has 2 storage spaces under the stairs (and we will be adding some in the laundry room soon), we have 2 full size closets in the master, both kids have their own closets, the 4th bedroom has a closet, there is a linen closet in the hallway, a small closet in the kid’s bathroom, and we have a little storage shed in the backyard for the kids outdoor toys.

12. Last, but not least my final favorite thing about our house is that it is ours! We have built this life, this family, and home together. It is quite an accomplishment for people our age (28). I already feel like we have lived here for a long time, like it was ours all along. It feels like home.

What are your favorite things about your home? Let me know in the comments, I always enjoy hearing from my followers.

Until next time,


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