5 Years

It is crazy to think that I have been a parent for 5 years (almost 6 if you count pregnancy) as of today. To look at this little human in the size he is now and remember all the sizes he has been (starting as a little blip on a screen).

It is a whirlwind of an experience to say the least.

At 5 years old, Pickle is in the 93rd percentile for height and 88th for weight. He is tall and slim. He is constantly eating, but especially loves anything in candy form. He is a cheeseburger lover; he would eat McDonald’s everyday if we let him.

He loves to be outside running around and exploring. He also has a very vivid imagination. He also likes to sit down and watch movies. His current favorite movies are the Princess and The Frog and Captain Underpants.

He is a protective and loving big brother. He recently told me he wants more sisters just like Poppy. He likes to play with her and make her laugh. He likes to teach her things and help her when she falls down.

If you ask him what he wants to be when he grows up he would say he wants to be a rockstar. Though recently he has said he wants to play baseball. I always tell him he can be whatever he wants that makes him happy as long as it isn’t hurting himself or someone else.

He has developed a sense of style for himself. A lot of times I don’t think he necessarily matches, but it is his style not mine. He got his hair cut this last weekend and was able to pick out what he wanted; including a lightning bolt. It is fun watching him become his own person and knowing what he wants.

He has started coming out of his shell a lot more since he was in preschool. He went from covering his face every time someone spoke to him to now *usually* responding back to them.

He especially enjoys spending time with his cousins that are his age. He also loves spending time with his grandparents. I love the fact that he loves spending time with them and is always asking to stay the night with them. I love seeing that bond they share.

With his interest in baseball, he will be starting tball tomorrow. We took him to a baseball game Tuesday night and he really enjoyed it. It got him even more excited about playing.

Though 5 years seems like a long time when you are thinking about future timing, 5 years just goes so fast. I cannot believe we are already here. I feel like 5 years has been smashed into 2 years. I have a feeling by time he graduates from school it will feel like he is still 5 years old.

I am excited to see where his life leads. What dreams he will have and accomplish. What things he will learn. What things he will teach us.

I am just so grateful for having him in my life. I truly cannot believe he is 5!

Happy birthday Pickle!

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