New Year Organization

As I mentioned before in my nesting post we have been working on refreshing/decluttering the house. In my adult life I always feel overwhelmed with a list of things that I want to get done around the house to feel more organized. This pregnancy though, has been kicking my butt to where I am not... Continue Reading →


No Microwave Challenge

I know I have posted a lot about our new house lately. Can you blame me though, we went through a lot to get here! Anyways, one thing our new house did not come with is a microwave. We lived on microwaves during the day (kids lunches and leftovers). Right before we moved into the... Continue Reading →


We are finally homeowners again! Yesterday we closed on our new house and we couldn't be any more excited! It has been a trying experience to say the least. We are happy the worst parts are over. We are going to do some painting and a lot of yard work this weekend and upcoming week.... Continue Reading →

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