What Are Teenagers Thinking?

I remember being a teenager. I never remember thinking that nothing bad would ever happen to me. Perhaps my anxiety issues made me overly paranoid that it wasn’t possible for me to think that way.

I remember how naive I was. I was very naive about drugs, gangs, and anything considered “streets”. I never wanted any part of any of those things either. I know some people in my age group were constantly talking about going to parties. I never did go to a single one. I had never heard anyone talk about guns as if they were cool.

As I watched my younger siblings grow up, in the same place that I did, I noticed that things were changing. The younger generations were becoming very avid party go-ers. Parties with getting shit faced drunk. Parties with drugs, eventually leading many of them down the road of addiction. Addiction leading them down the road of stealing or robbing just to get their fix. They were starting to gain more talk about guns.

For some reason, guns have become a “cool” thing. Teenagers now (not all of them of course, but the point needs to get out there) are doing some pretty obscene things. They are doing drugs at earlier ages. They are gaining access to guns. They are stealing. They think they are invincible and have zero respect for life. They are making up these asinine challenges that are getting them killed.

I just want to know what’s going on? What are people thinking that makes them think all of these things are okay? That the only way to address your anger is killing people. I really just don’t understand and trying to is extremely frustrating for me.

Just today there was another mass shooting in a United States high school. It brought me back to January 5, 2011 when there was a shooting at the very high school I attended, my 2 younger siblings in the building at the time. I remember that day so vividly. I remember the panic I felt as my mom and I stood nearby waiting to get to my brother and sister. The common denominator between that school shooting and the one today, both were troubled kids seeking revenge.

I just don’t understand it. The choices you make are what get you expelled. How is it someone else’s fault for your actions? Killing someone else because you didn’t follow the rules, just shows how truly immature they are. These teens need help. There needs to be more talk about all of these things and the lifestyles that these teenagers have in society today.

I want to send all of my thoughts to the families affected by the school shooting today in Florida.


6 replies to “What Are Teenagers Thinking?

  1. I know, I had to write a post about this too. Worse for you, if you were at the school in 2011. It has to be almost unbearable for you. Are there really not any signs? Or is noone listening? Problem is, even if you think someone is capable of doing such a thing, cops can’t do anything just because we think someone might do something extreme. Just ask victims of domestic abuse. So sorry for their loss. I can’t begin to imagine.

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    1. I think in many cases there are signs, but most often times people are too in denial to say something. It’s easy to say that all teens are troubled because let’s face it, what teenager doesn’t feel troubled in some way shape or form? I also think, like in today’s case, there is too much positive attitudes towards dangerous things. Doing drugs, having guns, being a vigilante is seen as being cool. I saw the news posting the suspects Facebook posts and he even had “likes” on his posts about guns. Like Why? What is there to like about someone holding a gun? Someone holding a gun with a mask on their face looking like a criminal? Why is that considered cool? You’re right, there is not much that cops will be able to do without evidence. I think it is their duty to at least look into suspicions. We keep hearing the question, “can this be prevented?” I don’t think there is anything that will give 100% prevention. I do think there needs to be something done with gun control, like why does anyone need a semi automatic weapon? I think there could be a type of plan where teachers and families can get help for their troubled kids. Especially kids with repetitive troubled patterns to be looked after more carefully. Sometimes all it would take is for someone to listen and care to make these kids feel a little better. When kids don’t have hope, they turn to these negative things to get attention for help. What they don’t realize is it isn’t going to help, it’s only going to ruin lives. We have to get these kids to start talking. Speaking up for themselves instead of taking hostile actions. I always tell my son, he is allowed to be angry, but he is not allowed to be violent and needs to use his words (unless he is in actual danger). There is just so much that needs to be talked about before any differences can be made.

      As for that day 7 years ago. It was horrifying. Thank goodness for cell phones because I cannot imagine how it would feel not being able to know if your loved one is okay or not. We were able to communicate with my siblings because they did have their phones on them.

      There also was a mall shooting near me in 2007. I was actually at a job interview and was planning to go to that mall afterwards. Luckily my interview ran late otherwise I very well could have been there when that happened. It really is scary.

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      1. That is scary. People are going to be afraid to do anything. I really think there should be a bit of counselling in you g kids, to find out if their home life is okay, just so they can have someone to confide in outside their own home, then you have to worry about pedophiles. Ugh, so awful. I’m glad you missed going to the mall that day in 2007

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      2. I don’t know about other cities, but our elementary schools around here have started implementing teacher home visits twice a year. Now, it hasn’t been enforced upon us, but I think it is a good step because yes I do think knowing a kids homelife is a big piece to their troubles.

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      3. I agree, not that every kid that does something wrong is because of their upbringing, but if love is lacking in the home, although it’s easy to hide that kind of stuff, then the child will have trouble down the road.

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  2. Something’s certainly not working, and the kind of behaviours you’ve mentioned don’t just happen in a vacuum. I have no idea what the answer is, but gun control and trying to get kids talking certainly seem like good places to start.

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