My Response To 13 Reasons Why

When this series first came out, I think I heard about it from a news article posted on Facebook. It talked about how some people thought it glamourized suicide and how it should be banned. I did not really think much of it at the time to be honest. I hadn't seen it, nor had... Continue Reading →


What Are Teenagers Thinking?

I remember being a teenager. I never remember thinking that nothing bad would ever happen to me. Perhaps my anxiety issues made me overly paranoid that it wasn't possible for me to think that way. I remember how naive I was. I was very naive about drugs, gangs, and anything considered "streets". I never wanted... Continue Reading →

Love Thyself #2

Today as Poppy was napping and Pickle was at preschool, I was going through some blogs. I stumbled upon one through a Facebook blogging group. Nia Simone wrote about accepting your physical self, including your natural hair. Ever since I was little, I have had thick and curly hair. At some point, my mom had started perming... Continue Reading →

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