Nothing To Be Proud Of?

As an individual, there are certain aspects of life that can be difficult to stop yourself from doing. Especially in a world where everything is seemingly competitive; who is better than who? We are all equally guilty of passing judgements on each other. I know there are those of us that do our best, but to a certain degree it is still there in our minds whether we share it outloud or not.

I try my best to stop myself when a judgement happens. But, what about when it is against myself? Judgements against myself tend to happen when I compare myself to someone else. When it happens, sometimes I can throw it aside and move on. Other times, I am not as capable of taking it to the curb and it sticks to me like gum on the bottom of a shoe.

This piece of gum has been sticking for about a week now and quite frankly I am sick of trying to pick it off.

It isn’t the first time I have been in this boat. As a stay at home parent I am always left feeling like, “is what I do enough? Am I contributing enough?” On the flip side of that, I know that doing what I do everyday isn’t always easy and not everyone is willing to do it. It is what works for us right now. But then the comparison sets in…

I have realized that many people regard success by corporate status. Whether it’s by title or by financial gains, it is often a way people measure how successful someone else is. I start to think, “am I not successful? Just because I don’t have my own penthouse office, an assistant of my own, making any sort of median income or more, getting promotions, or getting awards for my career driven self. Am I not even worthy in society as a stay at home parent? Do I have anything to be proud of?”

I said it myself, I know, “not everyone is willing to be a stay at home parent.” Does that mean I should be proud of the fact that I am willing and that we have made it possible for this long? There isn’t an association for stay at home parents where we win awards or are given praise for our efforts. There isn’t a corporate ladder to climb up that gives us fancy-pants titles and the pay to go with it.

Does that mean we have nothing to be proud of?

I’m goint to leave that as an open ending so you can give me a piece of your mind on the subject.


5 replies to “Nothing To Be Proud Of?

  1. I was a stay at home Mom until my youngest started school full time. I sometimes worked part-time jobs outside the home when extra money was needed but those jobs were when my husband would be able to stay with our boys.

    Once I started working full time, my jobs ensured that I was there to see the boys on the bus and my husband was home before they got off the bus. We always believed parental presence was so important.

    What you are doing, in my humble opinion, is more important than any CEO of large corporations.

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    1. I am following those same foot steps you once did! My youngest will start preschool next [2023] fall. I have only really worked once [in 2017-2019] since my oldest was born almost 9 years ago now.
      I always wondered how people that do work full time still made it to get the kids before and after school, especially without needing a daycare provider [insanely expensive!].
      I do believe what I am doing is important too. It just hurts sometimes feeling like things get rubbed in my face as if what I do has no merit at all.

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      1. Who ever is “rubbing it in your face” is either feeling guilty or is jealous. It’s their problem, not yours. Don’t second guess yourself. Remember, opinions are like ass holes, every one has one. (My husband told me that one time someone made a comment to me about not working outside the home. No offense meant)

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