Romantic Movies To Watch

Valentine’s day is upon us! I have gone through phases of hating it, loving it, and finding it unnecessarily hyped. This year I am sort of “meh” about Valentine’s day. I don’t need lavish dates or gifts. Flowers and chocolates are always well received any day of the year, but still not an obligation because a day says so.

Something I have enjoyed doing the last couple of years is finding movie lists for the season and trying to get through as many as I can before it’s over. I started keeping track of romance movies that I have been watching to create this post! Then today, during a random search for repurposing furniture, this came up..

I decided to give it a look through and mark the ones I have seen. Some of them were repeated twice so I crossed them out.

Most of the ones I have kept track of are not on that list. It took me nearly a year to compile my list, but I am sure there are plenty others I have seen and couldn’t think of. What is your favorite romance movie? Do you go more towards rom-com? I like them all personally! I am going to see which ones I can find from the list above that I haven’t seen yet. Some of the names I have heard of, but am not sure if I have seen or not.

How do you feel about valentine’s day? Do you have a go-to way to spend the day? Do you have big plans or no plans this year? Do you get little gifts for your kids, parents, or anyone else? Does your feelings about it change from one year to the next? Let me know in the comments!


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