Blogmas 2020: day 24

It is Christmas eve. At least 1 child and 1 husband are asleep. I am still awake hoping to catch Santa.😉

Tonight went alright. We had Christmas with Chris’ side of the family. Despite our differences with his brother and his brother’s wife, it wasn’t too bad. I think it has actually been 2 years since his parents had all of us there at the same time for Christmas. I am sure they enjoyed it, everyone seemed to be happy. The kids definitely enjoyed playing with their cousins (they are the same ages as our kids).

We ate some munchie foods; his mom made this really good cheese ball and some really addictive chocolate brownie something or other 🤣 (and plenty other snackable delights). Definitely not keto, but I am giving myself til the new year to restart again. Holidays are just hard to commit to “diets” ya feel me?

Anyway, I am really hoping tonight goes smoothly. I really do not want to be up until 4am again. Luckily everything is wrapped and just needs to be set out. I am all cozy in my grinch onesie and trying to find a game to play on my phone.

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas eve!


Edited to add:

Done before midnight, say what!!!

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