31 Days Of Halloween: Day 4

One thing I get excited for every year for Halloween is costumes! I have always loved dressing up, not just during Halloween. As you get older though, people begin to pressure you into thinking dressing up is just for kids. I say, screw that! I will dress up whenever and wherever I please!

Part of the fun in having children is seeing them dress up. Whether it be scary, silly, or their favorite character of the moment, they love playing the part! Though I do enjoy creating their costumes, sometimes it is just more feasible to buy them. Plus, if you were here last year, you would remember what happened to Monkey’s homemade Glinda costume 😒. If not click here and you can see –>The Costume That Once Was.

This year, the kids have had their costumes decided on at least since the Summer. Luckily for us, Monkey decided on a Disney princess. She already has that costume so we won’t have to buy one for her. As for Pickle, he decided on a super hero. He always seems to go with that theme, but who am I to judge? I took to Poshmark to see if his costume would be on there. I wound up finding it for $8! Score!

Our little Bug doesn’t really have a say in his costume this year (he will be 6 months old already!). I really wanted to dress up with him, but we decided to save the money this year instead and just dress him up. [I tend to want to go all out.] His grandparents gave us the idea for his costume, but the premade ones were over-priced. I decided to go ahead and make his. Here is a picture of some supplies. Let me know in the comments what you think he will be! You can also try to guess what Monkey and Pickle picked, too! (I will reveal the costumes on another post in a couple weeks.)

What are you going to be for Halloween this year? Let me know!


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