The Costume That Once Was

If you read my Halloween Bucket List post, you would have seen the costume I made for Poppy. Her costume was Glinda from Wicked and I, of course, dressed as Elphaba.

Last weekend we did our annual trick-r-treat night at the Henry Doorly Zoo. Basically my whole family attends this event; my mom, stepdad, sister, nephew, brother, and this year his girlfriend and their kids, my cousin, her husband, and their kids, my aunt and uncle, and my other cousin’s son came too. My mom and sister met us at our house.

I was busy getting my skin green, so I had my mom dress Poppy. When I grabbed her costume from the closet, I immediately noticed some jewels were missing off her leotard. Sure it did take me awhile to put them on, but life happens and I wasn’t too bothered.

We got there sometime between 530pm and 6pm. I was surprised it wasn’t as busy as what I remember from the years before. When we handed our tickets to get in the worker said, “let me guess…an ice princess!” I said, “nope, she is Glinda from Wicked.” She replied with, “well, I haven’t seen that so I will just say Ice princess”. I was thinking, “uhm okay, but I literally just told you that isn’t who she is, but whatever.” We proceeded on.

We took pictures of the kids before it got too dark. Thankfully we did or else I may not of had any with Poppy in her costume.

I think we made it to one candy booth before my sister picked up Poppy and quickly realized her butt was wet. My first thought was “what did she sit on that was wet?” Then it didn’t take long for the smell to catch up. She pooped.

I grabbed Poppy and the diaper bag. Chris came with me and we went to the bathroom. I took Poppy in to change her. This was the weirdest poop I have ever seen. Being a mom, the graphic details don’t bother me, but TMI warning to those it does…it was like liquid water with grains of sand. Her pants were completely soaked. Her leotard, on the bottom half, completely ruined. Her tutu had some on it. She even managed to get some on her socks!

At first I thought “it’s okay, I will wash this for Halloween.” Then I quickly realized, I could not wash her costume. A tutu can’t go in the washer and getting it wet would likely ruin in. Her leotard, covered in stick-on rhinestones couldn’t be washed because the rhinestones would fall off, ruin the washer, and the adhesive would likely ruin the leotard itself. I probably could have salvaged the pants and socks, but we didn’t bring a wet clothes bag. So, into the trashcan it all went. I had to rinse Poppy off in the cold bathroom sink because the wipes weren’t sufficient enough. Poor girl kept telling me it hurt from being so cold. Luckily, my husband always checks the diaper bag and stocks what is needed before events like this. She luckily had a change of clothes.

It was hard to be upset about the costume right away. I was trying to figure out why her poop was like that. I think we figured out the culprit.

After things calmed down, the sadness started to hit me. I knew I wasn’t going to spend the money to make her costume all over again. Plus, I was less than amused with the way the green skin turned out on myself. I figured, oh well, #momlife. Even though the costume was ruined, we still had a lot of fun.

I still have the stuff from last year, she just may end up being a black cat again.

RIP costume. It was fun while it lasted.


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