Three Month Update

I honestly cannot believe 3 months have already gone by!

This month has been the biggest struggle I have had yet with my plan. When we moved from our house to our apartment things were a bit insane. I wasn’t fully on plan. I got lazy and a little depressed.

I ate some things that I hadn’t since starting on my plan, like French fries. I was affected negatively every time I ate them. I would get so nauseous I could only lay down.

It seemed like the days I told myself, “okay, back to plan” are the days I failed even harder. Needless to say, I gained back 6 pounds over the move. I would say I was about 50/50 on plan. I tried to get back on plan and wound up losing 4 pounds. I think I got comfortable and stopped trying as hard. I maintained (no loss or gain) until things finally calmed down.

During the first week of April, I got “back to basics” gradually. I sort of struggled with lunches because I wanted something more than vegetables. By the end of that week, I knew I had to get back on track fully. It only took 1 day of being on plan for me to hit the nasty keto symptoms: a terrible headache and fatigue. Not to mention feeling like I am going through menopause or something with the hot flashes. It also didn’t take long for the weight to start coming off again.

Even though I hit my first set back, I didn’t give up on my plan. I’m getting back on track and making progress.

I finally got re-signed up for the gym. My plan is to go a minimum of 3 days a week, on the days I don’t work. I actually have always liked working out, despite the fact that I am (or was) usually a lazy person.

Since joining Profile, I have noticed that I have been wanting to do more physical activity. I have been purposely looking for things to do as a family (hiking, bowling, etc). We went to the park one one of the nicer days. Instead of sitting on the side lines I actually climbed up this contraption.

My mom being the happy snapper that she is, took this picture. I am 5’9″ if that gives you a gauge of how big the climber contraption is.

Chris and I also signed up for a 5K towards the end of this month. I’m pretty pumped about it! It’s not an exciting one persay, but that’s okay. [We did do the color run a few years ago]. I have been seeing ads for the muddy run (cannot remember the exact name). I think that would be fun. I am not sure anyone would be willing to go with me though. We will see. This year is going to be my most adventurous yet. I’m not letting weight or anxiety stop me anymore!


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