I can finally announce that we have a house! I wanted to get past all the negotiations before posting the good news. Given what we have gone through, I think you understand.

I remember when apartment living was a cool thing. Perhaps it still is for some people, at certain places. Not so much for me. I was thinking about what I am most looking forward to, living in a house again. I thought I would share those things with you guys!

1. Backyard – Having a dog, who is use to house living, living in an apartment is not ideal. He doesn’t understand the concept of other resident dogs living here. He actually tried to go eat the neighbor’s dog, in their apartment, when we were coming in from taking him to the bathroom. Luckily I had him harnessed and gained control of him quickly. I also find it to be a pain in the arse to carry a 15 month old and a 60 pound dog on a leash at the same time. He doesn’t understand that pulling me is a hazard to the baby. He is lucky I have not dropped her or fallen down the stairs with her. I am so much looking forward to just being able to open the back door again to let him out. No chains and no pulling my arm off. Not to mention, having a backyard for the kids to play in again. That is if Winter ever goes away long enough.

2. Noise – Our neighbors have been mostly quiet. I actually feel bad for them having to hear the dog, kids, and sometimes me yelling at the kids and dog. I can’t wait to be able to bust out my karaoke machine again. Having a house to ourselves we can be noisy again.

3. Decorating- Who doesn’t love that part? I have basically every room planned out now. I may post before and after pictures on here as we go.

4. Space- I mean that was the whole point of selling our house, to get more space. Thankfully we will be getting plenty of it! The kids will have all their toys back. I will have all of my things back. We will have enough room to spread out. The cats will have new places to hide.

5. Laundry- I don’t know how families survive more than 3 months in a 2 bedroom apartment with a tiny washer and dryer. Literally, I can wash 5 towels at a time. Then you have to dry it at least 2 times because the machines are so old and inefficient. I cannot wait to have my washer and dryer back! Heck, we also get to keep the ones in the house. Maybe I will start a laundry mat in my basement, ha-ha.

6. Light- Our apartment is in the basement. We don’t have a patio. We don’t have ceiling lights that make it feel like less of a dungeon. It really feels like a dark punishment. Though I know it could be worse. I am so looking forward to having big windows and sunlight. Plus, nearly all the rooms have ceiling lights that are adequate.

7. Holidays- Okay this years holidays are going to be so exciting for me! I finally will have a real fireplace to decorate. I finally will have an actual dining room to eat holiday meals in. I don’t want to rush the year, but I am excited!

8. Memories- Of course the biggest thing that I am looking forward to is all the new memories we will make. We are going to be in this house for a very long time, if not forever. There are so many things we will experience in this house. I can only begin to wonder what those things will be.

We are so excited and ready for this! We are counting down to closing day, 27 days to go.

Have patience, life gets better.


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