31 Days Of Self Love: Day 17

Day 17: When was the last time you indulged yourself and how?

The last time that I would consider indulging on myself is when I bought almost a whole new wardrobe and got a pedicure. It had been a long time since I had done anything nice for myself. I always tend to feel guilty buying myself things when I could use that money on the kids or my husband.

However, I was sick of feeling like I didn’t have any clothes that made me feel good about myself. It was at a point where I loathed leaving the house for any function because I felt I had nothing decent to wear. Then I lost weight and literally had nothing to wear. I finally felt worth enough to go ahead and buy new things. That was a couple months ago now, but the confidence is still holding strong, gaining momentum daily. It truly is amazing how you change once you start to love who you are (and you should).

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3 replies to “31 Days Of Self Love: Day 17

  1. Yes irt is truly amazing, the kind of changes you experience when you start loving yourself. I had never really thought of that concept of loving myself before. Until I started to listen and follow the K-pop band, BTS. The main thing that they always advocate through their actions and music and everything is ‘Love Yourself’. They even have a series of albums and a UNICEF program with the same theme. I am not talking as some sort of crazed fan girl but someone who really took their message to heart, and it has helped me a lot. I see you have found the benefits of loving myself and I am really happy you are going through these many days worth of posts to reflect on many positive things. Great going! Keep writing!

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